Here Come the Weather Blues!

I don't know if you're like me but when the weather really turns nasty I find it a real struggle to get out of bed. I'm pretty glad school is starting soon because it'll be a 7am wake up which this house hasn't seen in a long time. We all like our sleep but on a rainy, cold day we are all even more reluctant to get out of our pits. Alright, the children still wake up and are quite happy to play while Husband and I have a few extra minutes.

The last two days however I have really not wanted to get up! We're in the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays and I have no motivation to do anything. I'm also on a bit of a come down which most brides suffer from. I've gone through all of that planning and now I'm left with a void. I've got a few things to be focusing on so when I stop being such a lazy beast I shall be doing the following:

  • Planning more country learning days. We had our America day a couple of weeks ago and that went down really well. We have plans for a Chinese Day, Polish Day and of course a British Day (I can't resist!) just one more which is proving tricky..probably France though as it is a language actually taught to our children! 
  • My little sister is heading to university at the end of September so I want to plan a good send off. We're thinking of getting back massages and lunch and I'm making her a little gift to go away with. I'm going to ball my eyes out when she leaves!
  • It's my birthday in October so that's something to look forward to and of course before that Midge is heading off into reception- very exciting. We still need some uniform but we're waiting until last minute for some bargains (lets hope this risk pays off and we're not left with no jumpers in her size!)

Lets not forget Christmas isn't all that far away either! The pennies are tighter than they have ever been right now and we're putting money back to visit some family in December which will be lovely but it's also making me think that now I'm not storing tonnes of wedding stuff I can replace it with Christmas stock! (Shhh don't tell husband!) What will be really great is when I get my Park vouchers in October!

For now though I'm going to sit in my PJ's, watch Celebrity Masterchef and play with Twitter my 2 babies!


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