At Peace

I had a message this morning which I wasn't expecting. A friend of the family, more family than friend, had passed away. I'm not really sure what to write here to be honest. The last time I saw Anne she was tired, bored and then all of sudden I entered her house with my new husband and 4 bridesmaids and my goodness, you've never seen a bigger smile on someone's face.

I feel pleased that I got to her one last time, on my wedding day no less. She had no idea we were coming. Little Miss had drawn a picture in a card that we wrote for her saying how we wish she could see us wed but hoping she was well and we'd see her soon. Of course we did see her soon but we won't see her again. Won't get to give her the wedding photos we promised we'd give her.

She was such a wonderful lady. We knew she was getting worse when she gave up knitting. When Little Man was born she made him a blanket. A beautiful, white blanket. It's now a slight grey colour and he doesn't go anywhere without it which I never thought would be the case. Midge never had a special blanket like a lot of babies so I just assumed Little Man would be the same. I'm glad he loves his 'blankie' though.

I'll miss Anne. She'll be missed by a lot of people and won't be forgotten. I won't forgot the words she left me with on my wedding day and I won't forget that now she is at peace, resting with her husband whom she was married to for 60 years.

Rest In Peace Anne

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  1. I'm so sorry honey- rest in peace Anne. Here if you need to talk sweets xx