Cheerful post!

I have a good few things to write about this week (and perhaps last week as I was too busy to blog!) I haven't joined in with Reasons To Be Cheerful for some time so I thought I would start again this week. I'm also linking up with You're not from Round Here to join in with What Has Made Me Happy. Enjoy!

First of all I'm very happy to be a newlywed! Myself and Husband had such a wonderful weekend, received lots of wonderful and generous gifts as well as collecting some brilliant memories. In the end it all went very fast and we both wish we could rewind the evening one last time!

Little Man had his first haircut. At first I was a bit shocked to see his little curls all gone but the neat, blond head of hair he now has makes him look a little more grown up and doesn't half remind me of my brother when he was a small boy!

I also visited St.Ives recently with my Mum and younger sister. It was such a wonderful day and I loved dipping in and out of crafty, hand made shops, eating a delicious lunch and visiting The Tate St.Ives Gallery. 

I hope you've all had something to smile about too!