Mrs Cupcake!

Well finally I am back and back as a 'Mrs' no less! On the 18th August myself and my lovely man finally tied the knot and you know what? We had an amazing day. It was wonderful to see the family again so many that we have never met or not seen in a very, very long time. The whole weekend was just as emotionally draining as it was physically but we had such a great time the tiredness was worth it!

I'd now like to share our special day with all of my lovely followers just as I promised!

The night before the wedding was very stressful. The house was a pit which really needed cleaning as there was going to be so many people filtering in and out the next day. Both of my little monkeys were screaming at me and throwing a fit at anything they could think of so I called in reinforcements: Mother! Pretty soon we had the children bathed and in bed ready to do the final touch ups on my dress and come to terms with my nerves. I did a lot of deep breathing that night!

The Groom meanwhile was having a nice drink and a catch up with his Dad, brother in law and some friends. I'm told he stayed up pretty late watching TV and yes, I got a few soppy text messages while he was out drinking. This made me smile.

I bought this ring cushion (photo 1) from a local shop in St.Ives and thought it would be a lovely idea to sew some pretty ribbon and tie our rings onto it. The cushion didn't get quite that far, the ribbon was loosened before the service began which was a good idea, i was worried about them falling off (especially mine as it's so tiny!)
The second photo is the detail of my dress. Pinned to my waist I added this tiny little bird which was sent to me from my Aunt. She also sent me a six pence (which i forgot to pop in my shoe!) a cross necklace which now hangs by my front door and a photo of her Aunt which I kept in my wedding purse. I also had my Dads St. Christopher sewn under the bird but sadly it must have fallen off at some point. Maybe someone else will find it and it could become another persons 'something old.' Sorry Dad.

Here is my beautiful bouquet. My Uncle bought this me (it was very hard saying goodbye to him! He's so similar to my Dad!) All of the roses are handmade and artificial, we have some lovely photos and as it'll never wilt I shall be putting it on top of a corner shelf in my bedroom! I finished the bouquet off by adding some flower pins just like the children's bouquets which I made. The pins gave the bouquet an extra sparkle.

We got married locally at our beautiful church. I was so nervous but our vicar well, you couldn't ask for a better one. He calmed me down and we chatted for a bit. Myself and my bridal party were 15 minutes early which was actually lovely because we were stood just outside the bell tower listening to the bell ringers before we went in. The bell ringers helped to lay my dress out then before I knew it I was walking down the aisle with my wonderful Father, saying 'I do' and ready to party!

Taking the rings and making life long promises!

My sister as Maid of Honor, my niece, daughter and cousin as Bridesmaids.
I felt very honoured to have 4 such beautiful bridesmaids.
We set off after lots of photos to The Lugger Hotel which is situated in Penzance right on the seafront. Our hotel room looked stunning decorated with hearts, roses, champagne and flowers. I think it was my Aunt who paid for the wedding package so thank you very much! 
We had a live band called The Elementary Penguins who were superb. The lead singer is a friend of the family but the whole band are lovely and really talented. There was so much food it was unreal and the cake looked really pretty, just as I had wanted it.
One of the highlights of the night was driving to the venue with my new husband, my Grandma in front next to my Grandpa and having a lovely little chat. As we got just about walking distance to the reception venue poor Mrs Woo (Granddad's very nice 1960's Jag) decided she'd break down! Well, out the bride and groom got! We walked about half way when my uncle came to the rescue with his car. My Dad didn't want his daughter being pushed or walking into her venue!
I thought it was hilarious and as I carried my dress a bit too high the on lookers of Penzance got a good look at my garter!

Here is our first dance. It wasn't as bad as we thought, all the nerves disappeared and I just fell into some loved up bubble to be honest! We danced to Florence and the Machine's You've Got The Love which was great to dance to. Mr even learnt the words properly!

We had a wonderful time. I had to apologise on several occasions which I wasn't too impressed about but there were many more highs than lows! Husband's Best Man was excellent with organising everybody and the speeches were fab. Our nephew actually did the Best Man's speech which was the most wonderful and adorable thing I've seen in a long time and a great idea. Husband wants to frame the speech and my brother's girlfriend filmed the whole wedding which I cannot wait to see!

I leave you now with a photo of the rather fabulous Mrs Woo!