What Has Made Me Happy Week 2

Reasons To Be Cheerful is hosted this week by Angie at Cake,Photos,Life. I'm also linking up with the lovely Sian at You're Not From Round Here for this weeks What Makes Me Happy.

First of all I received a rather lovely surprise this afternoon when the postman arrived. I waited all day for my quiet time (read, time when I'm alone and the children are asleep) so I could take my time and really appreciate this homemade box of loveliness made for me as part of a summer gift swap. I'm not telling you what's inside, you'll have to wait for my next post!

Another lovely surprise from the postman this week was my rather awesome new(ish) pink converses which I LOVE and I have wanted for an incredibly long time. I absolutely love them and what's even better is they cost me just £23.50 from eBay and have been hardly worn!

I was feeling a bit down yesterday and went out with Midge to buy her uniform. While I was sat waiting for Midge to finish her sausage roll before entering the store I was befriended by a rather lovely little dog. They really do know how to cheer you up don't they?

It's nearly September which means I'm jumping ahead and looking forward to October because it is my birthday (yey!) I love birthdays but i'm also excited because this year I want to have a little Halloween party for the children. Fingers crossed everyone's free!

And finally I'm hoping people will want to join in my October UK Mug Swap which I shall be blogging about very, very soon so please keep your eyes peeled if you feel like posting a mug and maybe a few nice little things to a fellow blogger.


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  1. Lovely entry, lots of great reasons to be cheerful x

  2. Wonderful post - I will keep my eyes peeled for the mug swap!

    1. Yes please do!

  3. I'm an October birthday too! love all your reasons x

  4. Great things which have made you happy. It's my birthday in October too - bring it on!