A Day in Penzance

We all went out, rather spontaneously I must admit, to Penzance the other day. It was lovely and sunny with occasional showers. Lucky by occasional I mean 2 showers lasting all of 10 minutes. It would seem it was pouring down back home so I'm glad we made the decision to pop out for the day.

We got off our train at Penzance train station, Little Miss already excited at seeing the sea. We weren't there to see the sea or have fun in the sand though as we did have a slight agenda. We're having our wedding reception in the beautiful Penzance, over looking the promenade no less (insert big grin here) so we needed to visit the venue to pay some final funds off and double check everything was still going to plan. Unfortunately the lady we needed wasn't there, the manager was really rude (I don't care how stressed you are you never deal with customers in an off hand manner) luckily we spoke to a lovely gentleman who sorted what could be sorted and everything else is running smoothly.

We stopped off at a restaurant called Renaissance which is situated right at the very top of the shopping centre. There is a lovely view to look at while you sit down to eat. Little Miss and Man opted for a couple of teacakes and I went for some chips with Mediterranean roasted vegetables which was really, really delicious. The children coloured in a bit whilst waiting for their food and I had a good natter with The Man (who very kindly paid!)

Next stop was Peacocks to look for some nice underwear for said wedding day, I found some nice items in the sale and bought myself a new jumper (first jumper I have ever owned! I love it) and then we proceeded to take full advantage of the half price sale for Little Miss who desperately needed new clothes! We ended up with a good haul leaving very pleased with our finds.

We're all allowed to show off now and then!
After having a good town browse, not spending too much unless it was something in the sale, we ventured down to the front where the arcade is centered. Little Miss is so lucky when it comes to playing in the 2p slot machines. I personally can't stand the place but The Man has a bit of fun, they won some tickets getting a barbie and a small teddy ornament while I sat outside with Little Man patiently waiting for the arcade phase to pass!

I loved these flags on the promenade.

The little shop I always came to when on holiday. Here I would always buy a
postcard and some rock for my primary school class mates.
We had a lovely walk along the promenade, it was very windy so we all held on tight to each other and the pushchair. The view was beautifully clear so I got some pictures of the sea (surprisingly calm despite the wind) and the wonderful St.Micheal's Mount in the distance. The photos make it look further away than it is. If the tide wasn't in so far I think we would've gone and walked there but it's just something lovely to do for another day.

The bonus to walking this way was that we saw our very gold sprayed Royal Mail post box! This was done to celebrate Helen Glover who won gold with her team mate Heather Stanning in the rowing. Little Miss just had to get her photo taken and I had to have the memory!

We had a long walk back through the main roads to go and meet our train. Unfortunately we missed the train and had to wait for an hour to catch the 7 o'clock one. This meant sitting in a large waiting area which slowly filled up until we decided to buy a large portion of chips and sit outside. Luckily we didn't miss the next one (imagine that) and didn't loose money on a return ticket (always annoying isn't it?) by having to take the bus instead.
Little Man was pretty tired and screamed most of the way home. He ripped off all of poor Barbies limbs which meant Little Miss was extremely upset. Needless to say, despite a lovely day I was glad to get home and pop them to bed!

I'm linking up this post with the lovely Natalie at Ready,Steady..Mummy! who is hosting a 'Best of Britain' link up to share our parts of the world. I really do love Cornwall so I hope you enjoyed my post!



  1. Looks like a fun day out! Love the gold post box!

    1. It's great isn't it? Had such a fab day thanks for commenting Laura :)

  2. That was a super post Hannah,I really enjoyed hearing about your day,it sounded like you had a fab time.Lv the gold post box xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Jess i'm glad you liked my post :) It was a great day out thanks the post box was the highlight i think! xxx