Polka Dot Swap - My Gift!

I recently blogged about the polka dot gift swap I did here, all of which was started off by Popular Crafts Magazine. Tonight, after finally managing to get my photos to load from my phone, I can show the world what the lovely Natalie from Ready,Steady..Mummy! sent me. It was pure coincidence that we were set up as partners and I am so thrilled at our stroke of luck- her gift is thoughtful and full of what I love!

When I unwrapped my parcel pink just screamed at me! This wine bottle gift box was a great idea for putting my gifts in. When I popped the lid off my gifts were almost jumping out! At the top you can see cupcakes this made me smile! Right at the bottom however, Natalie had found a plant pot and painted it this lovely shade of pink- it's great! It wasn't until I read Natalie's post that I find out the dots were stuck on! This was a great gift idea and will totally cheer up my garden. She also popped in some of these beautiful flowers (and lots of shredded paper!!) I love gifts like this!

Also in my gift I had some bought items which is rather a lot like a challenge these days! As part of the swap you have to buy a gift totaling no more than £3. I love a good hunt and it seems Natalie does too as she picked up an apron and matching oven glove- they are so me thank-you!!

 Last but no means least the most thoughtful and lovely part of this present was this gorgeous card Natalie sent me. As most of you who check in with CupcakeMumma will know, myself and The Man are soon to be husband and wife. Natalie sent us this wedding card and it has pride of place in my front room as the very first card I have. I think she made me cry a little if I'm honest!
I just want to thank Natalie for her thoughtfulness, thriftyness and really looking out for the things I love. I have more swap posts coming up in the future, including my own so please check back soon.


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