Olympic Party and Beach Day

Several things happened last week in the Cupcake Household. We held a little 'party' to celebrate the Olympics which was great fun. We bought a variety of food with a certain theme (see if you can guess) Hula Hoops, ring donuts, onion rings with a couple of extras such as strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate fingers and a yummy cake!

Aunt Issy popped over to join in. We decorated the kitchen, got out our flags from when we watched the torch pass through Breage and tuned in to BBC1 to watch some qualifying races. Little Miss totally got into the spirit watching Team GB rowing, it was great fun.

 Little Miss and I had fun painting marzipan. It was a good opportunity to sit quietly and talk about the Olympics.

We made gold medals using salt dough, acrylic paint and some gold coloured ribbon all from the bargain store.

Having a dance in the kitchen with Aunt Issy.

I made some party bags with little toys inside. We popped the medals in these just for the added fun factor. What party bag doesn't have bubbles in though? Here's Little Miss and Man playing together.

We also visited the beach last week which is the first time in a couple of years for us but the first beach trip for Little Man. We built sand castles, camped out in the tent during a 20 minute down pour and generally had a fun, chilled out time!

 Fetching water for our sand castle building

Picture taken whilst sheltering from the rain. I'm so glad The Man went to Tesco that morning and grabbed a 2 man tent in the sale!

 And building our little castles! We went on a hunt for pretty pebbles, feathers and small shells to complete our castles.

Hope everyone else has managed some beach fun this summer holiday?


  1. What a fab and fun looking party - I have a themed party to do on my bucket list. May have an Olympic one - haven't found time to think about it yet - oooops xx

    1. Oh so many ideas you could do isn't there! Can't wait to see what you go with! Thanks for commenting :) x

  2. Those Olympic cookies and cake are amazing! And the beach time is just where we're at right now- gotta love this weather- looooong overdue :-)

    1. Have fun at the beach, enjoy the weather! x