10 Reasons I Like Being an Adult

I was walking around the shop the other day and noticed Little Miss picking things up. Things that my purse could do without replacing. I did the usual, annoying parental job of telling her not to touch things and we got on with the day. Later on I thought about what I had said and remembered how annoyed it always made me that before we went into a shop we'd hear 'Now don't touch anything!' My siblings and I would roll our eyes and fight our temptations (occasionally running if we did drop something-I'm joking I never did that) *looks shifty*

Now I'm a big ol' fully fledged adult I spend a lot of time thinking how I miss my childhood and sometimes imagine going back to that care free living even for just one day (they said we would and we were adamant we wanted to grow- we know nothing!!) I'm about to turn this on it's head and list the ten things I actually love about being an adult. Please feel free to add your thoughts or create your own blog post on why you just love being a 'boring old grown up.'

1) I can watch what I want on TV. As a child we had little control over the television instead having to suffer through black and white films (Mum liked them), horse racing even my brother and sister watched some questionable television back then. I liked The Tribe and it was a fight every damn time to watch it! Now I can watch what ever I like. With swear words and all. Get me.

2) I can touch ANYTHING I LIKE in shops. This fills me and my tempted little hands with great joy. Touching fluffy toys, searching for the best items in the charity stores and admiring breakables up close rather than from a far with beady little eyes.

3) I can also eat what I like. Bonus every time. If I want a take out I can have one. If I want that chocolate bar I don't have to climb to the top shelf of the pantry, slip my little hands into my father's chocolate bar tin, scoff it like mad and hide the evidence. Coming to think of it, maybe all that cheeky chocolate stealing is the reason I have dairy intolerance. You know, karma and all that?

4) I can swear. I try not to do it but if it does slip out no one tells me off. More importantly I won't get chased down the garden path by my marigolded mother, steam emitting from her ears rubbing my tongue with a dishcloth soaked in washing liquid.

5) I have money. Not some 50p that you grip in your sweaty little palm oh no, proper 10 and 20 pound notes tucked away in my purse waiting for some retail therapy. I know those notes are more destined for nappies and wipes but I might get a treat out of them occasionally!

6) I can stay in my Pyjamas all day. ALL DAY! My Dad would always tell us to 'get dressed' 'go outside' you get the idea but now I'm adult I can sit on my bottom and stay in my baggy trousers all day if I felt that way inclined. Sometimes it feels so good to just stay at home, relax with the children in front of a film without being stuck in a pair of jeans and a 'boobie catcher.'

7) I can have cereal for dinner. Great for the upcoming wedding that's for sure! I like eating a nice dinner but sometimes a bowl of cereal really hits the spot. Sure we could snack on cereals when I was a child but substituting them for a meal? No chance.

8) I can say 'because I said so' and nothing provides me with as much satisfaction as saying this sentence to my Little Miss. Now I know how my parents felt. It feels good.

9) If my parents nark me off I can have a calm, honest conversation with them. Now I'm an adult this happens very rarely which is great but sometimes there are certain moments when I could bang my head against the wall. If calm conversation is out then there's always the ability to GO HOME.

10) That's the other one. I have my own home with my own space and my own rules. Oh, and my own children. *Smiles*

What do you just love about being an adult?


  1. Great post! Good to hear the upsides of adulthood :)

    1. Thank you! Sometimes its not all doom and gloom! x

  2. My mum just read this post to me and I think it is very funny. I might make my own list of ten reasons I like being a kid I think! From Tom :)

    1. Hey Tom im glad you liked my post! Whenever you write that list be sure to let me know!! :)

  3. What a great idea! I love it too xx

  4. Super idea for a post a may have a little go if I can think of anything at all you haven't covered. xx

  5. Brilliant post, but all except #10 (and possibly 8!) are things I actually hate about being a grown up!

    I hate that I can eat what I want...because I do, and it gives me tummy troubles (including, but not solely about putting on weight in that area).
    I hate that I can watch what I want on TV - because I do and there are so many better/more useful things I should be doing.
    I hate having a little bit of money to spend, but never enough, because the decisions are so much harder than what to spend 50p on.
    I hate that I can spend the day in my pyjamas - I've probably not done it more than 5 times since having Sam, but I'm very lazy so will sometimes find myself getting dressed just in time for lunch. And I always feel like I've wasted half the day!
    And I hate that I have to keep my cool with my mum, and constantly prove I can act the adult...even though she refuses to treat me as anything other than a naughty child!

    One thing I love about being an adult, (other than my own independence and my own child), is that although we criticise ourselves far more when we fall short of a goal, the satisfaction of achievement is far greater than it was as a child. As a child you'd get excited about, say, getting a gold star for good behaviour; but it would be out of your mind in an instant - particularly as you'd be sure to receive more praise for something else within the hour. Grown ups don't praise each other enough, but as a result a nice comment can keep me flying high for days. And when I'm personally particularly proud of something I've done...I can feel warm and glowy about it for weeks!

    1. Thanks for your reply love it. There really is upside AND a downside to being an adult huh? I agree actually with all your points when I really think about it, I suppose when i'm in he mood I really love being able to lounge about in my pjs with no worries and yes, there is a massive downside to being able to eat and do whatever I like same as you, my IBS goes mental when I over indulge.
      I totally agree with your point about a sense of achievement, they sort of come one after another when you're a child as you and your parents can always find something for you to be proud but this lessens are grow older. I certainly feel 10 times more pleased with my accomplishments as an adult!
      Thanks :) x

  6. What a great post! Really made me think too- like everything there's an upside and downside isnt there! I love not having to share a room...I share now because I want to! :-)

    1. Thanks. Oh I had to share with my sister for years- yes now I share with the man but sometimes he gets kicked out if he snores too loud and I love that brief moment of a bed to myself! Thanks for commenting :) x