One of Those Days...

Read 'those' in underlined, capital letters and italic font- the lot.
 The Man is working everyday leaving at half twelve so I've had to shelve a few one on one activities I had planned with Little Miss because they just wouldn't entertain Little Man in the same way.

I attempted an outing today to the library. Well that was a disaster! We were there all of 20 minuets before Little Man started kicking off because he couldn't go through the doors and exit the building. I decided enough screaming was enough and I couldn't bare any oncoming judgement (I don't think there was any but it was my own embarrassment engulfing me) so we left to go and pick my happy pills (as i so thoughtfully call them) up from the chemist.

Well this was going from bad to worse. The first Boots store had no clue what I was talking about. 'Great,' I thought, 2 pills left and no one knows where my prescription is. So off we toddled to the sweetie shop after both of the children were left bored ridged from the que of elderly people (I really don't blame them.) I bought them each a little something and headed off to a second Boots store just in case The Man had popped my prescription over there instead. Alas no, this lady also looked at me as if I was from another planet so I went to the doctors who kindly informed me that I was not registered to have Boots collect for me (why couldn't someone just tell me this stuff) so very kindly the receptionist has said I can pick up a new prescription tomorrow...after 5 gah!! Yes I just face palmed myself. I hate going out with the kids in the evening because it all clashes with tea, bath and chill out time but hey, beggars cannot be choosers and I don't fancy going loopy anytime (or anymore) than I already am.

Once home I immediately bundled Little Man in bed and made this with Little Miss.

A miniature garden. Sure did relax me therefore I recommend you kick your toddler out into the garden to source the required nature essentials while you hunt for a paper plate (or flat tin), tin foil, paper, pencils and some string for a washing line.

ps. My mood went downhill slightly when I had to re run a bath after Little Man decided that loo brush wanted to join the fun too...
Happy Days!

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