A Little Catch up Wk2

I'm 2 days late on 'A Little Catch Up' but I've finally managed to sit down with a hot chocolate and some peace and quiet to write up my week with my 2 little babies.

It was a busy week last week for Little Miss. On Tuesday we had to be up at the school a little earlier for a taster session in her new classroom for September. Little Miss is really excited about joining reception after the summer holiday and has been dropping the subject in whenever she has a chance- it's lovely!
At the taster session Little Miss met her new teachers who are just wonderful. Very friendly, approachable and I believe she'll come on leaps and bounds over the next year which is a lovely feeling. The children played with various blocks layed out, pens and pencils for drawing there was even a giant pirate ship for some role play fun. By the end of the session, Little Miss was well settled in and very comfortable with her new surroundings finishing the morning with a story about Spot the Dog and his first day at school- A prefect story to end a perfect session!

Also last week it was the nursery's sports day. It took a while for myself, Grandma and Aunt Fiona to find them all tucked away at the bottom of the school play ground but we weren't late which was a bonus! The nursery staff laid out various games to play, racing, football skills, space hopper race and a bat and ball race (as opposed to egg and spoon race) the children were all fab. Little Miss was excellent and took part in every race.

The hopping race and then bouncing on the big space hoppers with her cousin were her favourite but watching her concentration whilst dribbling the football around the cones was brilliant. She came home with a little medal to commemorate the Olympics and remember her first sports day. I am one proud Mumma!

Little Man on the other hand is a right one at the moment. I seriously need cupboard locks for my food cupboards which have been totally trashed (yes more so than last week) I can't find anything quickly and until I find these locks I have zero inclination to re-organise my cupboards!
He's also taken up screeching at alarmingly high, ear splitting levels which as you can imagine is not much fun at all! I never experienced this with Little Miss so it's totally new (and annoying).

On a more positive note, Little Man explored the park last week for the first time and had so much fun running around taking in the new scenery in his new trainers. At first it was odd watching him walking about because he kept loosing his balance but he got the hang of this new feeling and was off before I knew it!
He's also taken to walking around with his Big Sister's dolls and it really is heart warming watching him walking about putting her dummy in and hugging her. He's been very attached to his blankets and his big cat that props the bedroom door open lately. I must get a snap of that!

Please let me know what your Little One's got up to last week and what they achieved!


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