Race For Life 2012- A Big Thank-You!

Thank-You so much to everyone who supported myself and Little Miss. We have added up our pennies online and offline and we have smashed last years total of £70 and have managed to raise £100!!!

I'd now like to share with you our fantastic day at Race For Life 2012.

 Before heading off we had the good old final preparations. Little Miss wanted to be a pretty cat so I sat in the car with her and popped on some face paints as Mum and my sister sorted out their back signs. We made sure there were plenty of safety pins this year!

Little Miss, Aunty Issy and Grandma. 
Mummy and Little Miss all pinked up!
 We were the pyjama party (It was even shouted at us as we all joined hands and ran across the finishing line!) Such an amazing experience.

After the very fun workout we followed our designated flag and made our way with the crowd to the start! Everyone was really excited and keen to get started. The music started playing, people starting clapping and before we knew it we were off! 

There were hundreds of people doing Race For Life in Truro this year which was fantastic. There were women jogging with pushchairs, boys walking with their Mums playing with sticks amid the sea of pink and plenty of fancy dress- both the young and old!

These ladies did the whole race 3 legged! 
This little dog was one among many but I loved her little pink bow and she
was so friendly.
These ladies were bonkers! They did pretty much the whole race on their space
hoppers which is fantastic!

  We played a game of 'collect the fallen feathers' to keep Little Miss occupied on the way around. We now have a fair amount of pink feathers that were blown off by participants feather bowers! We're going to make a collage of our special day. Not only that, but we saved the environment from a lot of pink feathers! Although I'm sure the birds will love the ones we didn't manage to collect to pink up their nests!

In the final bit, Little Miss got very tired and it was getting hard to spur her on. Our angel came as a high vised Marshall armed with a spare chocolate bar- how kind! That little chocolate bar and that mans kindness got us all past the finishing line with huge smiles and laughter with a round of applause from so many people who had waited around long after their loved ones had finished.
Yes, the pyjama party had crossed the finish line and Mummy was the proudest Mummy on the planet...

What better way to round a hot day off with a well deserved ice cream?

Thank you again to everyone who sponsored us- it means so much to me and many out there. Here's to 2013!

CupcakeMumma and Little Miss


  1. Wow sounds like you had a fantastic day and well done on the amount you raised x

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day and well done to Little Miss for making it round! x