If You Go Down To The Park Today...

You're Bound To Have Some Fun!

It may have been a bit dull but there was the sun, peeping out behind the clouds and the air was warm so I decided to leave the Mr in bed after being seemly poisoned by kebab the previous evening and head out to the park with Little Miss and Little Man. They were both ever so patient as I had a few errands to run before we got to go and have some fun.

First stop was the bank which I never have problems with as Little Miss seems to have cottoned on that Mummy going to bank means she has pennies to pick things from shops especially for her!
Next we had to nip to the post office to post a few bits. We rarely visit the post office so again this was fine, the ques were fairly quick (for once) the staff friendly and the change of scenery gave both children a lot to stare at- as weird as that sounds!

We then had to pop into the shoe shop. I was going to buy some wellies but ditched the idea thinking the weather really didn't need anymore encouragement. I opted to look for some trainers instead but they were all quite frankly hideous. I'll have to look elsewhere though because my shoes have holes in.

Finally we got to the park, the sun had come out a bit more and our coats came off. I took this opportunity to let Little Man test out his new shoes which he loves. Little Miss held his hand with me on the other side as we took the path into the play park. Once there they both had so much fun together. Little Man was loving being out of the buggy and exploring all this wonderful outdoors that his sister has been enjoying for so long.

I'll leave you now with a photo round up if our fun day! There was lots of laughing, running and exploring- especially for Little Man who was excellent (until of course it was time for the buggy again, this wasn't much with as much enthusiasm but there's no way I'm ready for pavements and roads he's only 18 months!)

Little Miss on the round about. She loves making me sit
on it and tries to push me really fast. Now she's getting bigger she
has quite a push on her!

Exploring the climbing apparatus 

Having some fun on the baby climbing frame. He loved looking out of
the window on this one and went down the slide a few times
with his big sister.

Little Miss spotted this bee crawling along the pavement- I nearly squashed it with
the buggy wheels! I'm so glad he didn't. Clearly the bee had lost its sting so we rescued from harm
using a twig and placed it on the wall of a neighbours garden.

I nice random shot of a hair tie we found wrapped around the tree branch.
Someone must have been missing it for a long time but I couldn't resist a
little photo.

Finally to round our day off we visited the bakery for some cookies and crisps. We also made a point to pick up litter around the park to make the place look a bit prettier. Little Miss is big on litter and hates seeing it. If it's not too dirty and there's a bin near or I have the buggy to put the rubbish in my basket i'll pick it up or allow her to. keeping our local environment clean is very important.

What did you get up to at the weekend?



  1. Hello lovely!! How are you?! It's been ages! Lovely post with fabulous pictures! Your two are looking very happy despite the poor weather!!x

    1. I know! I hope you're well? They're so grown up now it's crazy! Thanks for the lovely comment as always! xx

  2. I find that sometimes it's such an effort to get out, but you always feel so much better once you have! Looks like you had a great time :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) I sure needed the fresh air just a shame other half couldn't be there too! It was lovely thanks x