It's Not all Baking and Fun...

Nope, sometimes days cannot be filled with ideas to make sure your child's the happiest one on their summer holidays. Sometimes you have to crawl into the corner of your comfy sofa after the children have been breakfasted and just relax.

I have made a 'summer bucket list.' I have been constantly on a go thinking of things to do with Little Miss (and these things usually have to be appropriate for Little Man where possible too!) but today I woke up and realised that I didn't feel like doing anything much. I didn't actually want to be out in the sun after spending days in it, I think we all need a break. Instead I opened all our windows curtains and doors to let the sunshine and fresh air pour in. (I say fresh air but really there is an occasional waft of someones cigarette to ruin the moment!)

I've been feeling a little stressed you see. With 23 days until the wedding everything is going well and I feel organised with a real sense of direction. I'm in control, this is good. What's not so cool is the sudden influx of those nasty brown envelopes and money changing without warning so near one of (or THE most) expensive day of your life. To say today it all got a bit on top of me would be about right therefore I really didn't feel like parading around the park or baking pretty cupcakes.

We did though. I pushed myself to spend time with Little Miss today baking little heart shaped cupcakes with raisins and roasted hazelnuts inside them. They are delicious and I shall be blogging them! However, for the most part of my more lazy, cannot be arsed days I have taken some photos to share with you.

Judge me if you will but I post a lot on here when we 'do' something fun like baking, family outings and crafting, but sometimes it's nice to just show people that I, like pretty much everybody else, can't be bothered everyday of the week either.

Little Man goes for his nap while we all chill to the music channel (which does not impress Little Miss-all she wants on is Max and bloody Ruby) I on the other hand failed to put my iPhone down (again)

Yeah she's snacking on ham. Hey, what Midge wants Midge gets (within reason) And yes, she is still in her PJ's...

My lazy day lunch. Also consumed with a hot chocolate filled with mini marshmallows and banana chips. 

Both babies after the bath just totally chilling out. Little Man on Daddy's iPhone playing with the music settings and Little Miss watching Max and Ruby (whilst picking her nose apparently) After this they escaped into the garden for a bit so I decided to perhaps sort my recycling and actually do something constructive.

I like lazy days and I don't think they're anything to be ashamed of but some of us (myself included)  seem to don our super Mum/Dad hats over the summer holidays and forget to just chill out!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hello, my friend. I hope you blog about the Olympics. That opening ceremony last night was amazing!

    1. Hello James! Thank you for your comment. I will indeed be blogging about the Olmpics so pleased you enjoyed the ceremony it was a very proud moment for us!