What We Did Today: Fathers Day

Today is Father's Day so I hope all you men out there have had a lovely day with your families.
The children woke Other Half up this morning with big grins- that's not unusual, they didn't even know that this Sunday was a bit more special than our usual Sundays!

We all got up together and I settled down with the children at the kitchen table to help Little Miss write her card out and wrap up Daddy's gift. I know this sounds terribly dis-organised, and I suppose it is but it added something nice to our morning instead of our usual television watching so I wasn't too bothered and Other Half was more than happy to catch up on the football matches he misses because of work.

Here's what we made together.

Daddy was very happy with his wallet and of course, how many don't love a giant chocolate bar? Little Man certainly doesn't miss a trick!

We also went for lunch today which was very much a spur of the moment thing. I never hold out much hope when eating out because of my 'special diet' but I was really, really surprised today and had a lovely meal. Most importantly Other Half had a nice meal and the children, for the most part, were really well behaved considering there was a 40 minute wait before our food arrived.

Because I'm a bit sad, I whipped out my iPhone and photographed my delicious dinner which I will be having again. So much better than egg, chips and salad! The Man had his beer as well so I think the day was perfect for him!

I hope everyone else has had a lovely day too. 


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