Slow Down Babies!!

Why do children grow so darn fast? In particular mine (because they are mine). I mean how did Little Miss go from this:

To this?

And, more to the point, how does Little Man get from this:

To this!!

I can tell Miss is growing up very quickly because September is approaching and we all know that for most 4 year olds, this means leaving nursery and going up to reception. Yep, we're making our first steps into education here people. She isn't too bothered about it as a few of her class are coming with her It's really not that big of a deal either to be honest. She'll still see all her old friends and nursery teachers in the playground after all.

Then there's the questions. You can tell they're growing up when all these bloody awkward questions suddenly come flying at you from all angles! She's already asking me about babies and there is no fooling Miss with 'the Stalk.' Oh no, we may not know how we get there, but we know how we get out! Which is fine, I just wasn't expecting her to ask these things so early.

Then the backchat. Oh my the back chat! I don't remember back chatting...Ah hell I was 4 I wouldn't remember but I still maintain I was practically an angel until at lest 11! (I was peeved at my parents for moving all the way to Cornwall...I know, the horror right?) but holy muffins can this girl back chat! I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I just take a stern voice and let her know who's boss which works. Sometimes.
I think when Miss hits her teens she'll get a bit hormonal like her Mother. I have terrible mood swings so that's something to look forward to huh?

But then there's Little Man.

He's just started to walk which feels so wrong looking at him. People say he's tall but i think he's a bit small. He has long feet and is bulking out a little but he's no chunky little baby oh no, he's built how was when I was little: long and lanky so I can't help but think how vulnerable he looks tottering around on his own! Not like Miss, she was really chunky and could hold her own!

I don't get to feed Little Man anymore either. Be it his bottle of milk or helping with his food. Sometimes I think he senses my feelings, takes pity on me and hands me his fork so I can pop that bit of fish finger in his mouth..then he crawls off whilst he thinks I'm not looking to spit in the fire place returning to replace it with a piece of his choosing...

But I'm not completely redundant! Looking at it properly I never really will be. I mean, I still need my Mum and Dad maybe for a chat, a couple of pounds (rarely!) hell, I still need my Mother to give me a lift to the dentist (it's really far, don't judge) so I know my children will always need something from me in some way whether big or small.

Little Miss isn't so mature yet that she's embarrassed to see me on the loo (I wish she would however), she still cries out for her Daddy when she misses him at night but he's out working hard at the factory. She still needs me to reach things that are too high and likes to be sung nursery rhymes with Little Man at night. And she still fights me every tea time.

Little Man is only 1 but the way I talk anyone who doesn't know me would think he was turning 17 or something. No, he just walks around looking all grown up, he's trying to say words and knows what he wants. He still clings to me like a limpet though, and I still have all the baby tasks as before, nappy duty, watching him like a hawk because he's so mischievous, and I still have to share my food with him. Equally he still likes to surprise Mummy in the shower or demand to sit on my lap while I pee which is never great (don't worry, there are no 'toilet cuddles' in this house- I've not totally lost the plot)

Anyway, I've gone on enough. Are your babies growing too fast? I know a lot of the blogger's I follow are welcoming the end of GCSE's and university for some of their children and some can't believe their little one's are already a few weeks old. However old our babies are, they will always be that to us.

Love you my Little Monkeys!


  1. Oh! I feel the same way! Some nights I lie awake crying because my boy is 12 and I miss my little boy, the one who holds my hand, and hugs my legs.

    Why do they have to grow up so fast? And why do moms like me have to spend our days working some place else that we don't get to enjoy our children as much as we want to?

    1. I feel so, so lucky to be a stay at home Mum. Wow I can't imagine my little one's being 12 but I know it's coming those years will fly by, after all the last 4 have!!

  2. Lovely post Hannah :-) and I'm the worlds worst about children growing up,in my mind they definitely do it too fast! X

    1. Thanks Jess :-) They really do don't they, you have to remember to treasure every moment because they won't come back!xx

  3. Aw, such a cute post! You did make me laugh about them wanting cuddles even when we're on the loo, it's such a nuisance, especially when they run off with the bog roll! I know what you mean Addicted To Love, it's so hard to see them grow up and grow away from us. Nothing at all can beat walking down the street holding their little hand in ours, and when they're all grown up and don't want to do that anymore it's a little heartbreaking isn't it. Shows we're doing our job right though! They're independent, strong minded, beautiful individuals in their own right. We can only walk beside them for as long as we can. I'm so daft, I'm getting all teary eyed, lol! PS. I'm following your blog now, can't believe I didn't find it before! @Chaoskay

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for following first of all!
      Yes I suppose you're right, it shows what a good job we're doing that feel confident enough to go off and be strong minded, independent people (and i've just totally copied what you're written without think-sorry lol) It does make you feel quite emotional, and i don't think, speaking for myself here in particular, that we think all too often about how fast it goes until they reach a milestone or a new school year another birthday.
      Thanks so much for commenting x