Calling All Penguins!!

"Follow me brother"
Okay, okay, more like my fellow readers and followers who have a little cuddly penguin perched on a wardrobe, laying at the bottom of an overflowing toy box or sat in that charity bag in the cupboard.
If they're in good condition but lacking a bit of love, why not send them off to become famous little penguins featuring in a vlog by the lovely Kay who blogs at BrinkofBedlam before being packaged up and sent off to some truly wonderful boys and girls through the charity PostPals?

To find out more about PostPals please click the image below. It really is a lovely charity allowing people to bring smiles to some very poorly children and young people.

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Now, I don't own any penguins (shameful really as I do quite like them) so I'll be going on my own little penguin mission to find some little fellas who need re homing for a bit of love and cuddles (and, of course, to be made famous- lets not forget that)

If you fancy joining the 'Penguin Amnesty' then please, please do! And it's not limited to just cuddly toys either, oh no, many companies have already come up trumps donating penguin themed products.

Why not join The Penguin Amnesty and bring a smile to a child's face?
Check out the Penguin Gallery so far, something wonderful is happening right now. Be apart of it, I promise it's worth it!

You can find Kay on her blog: BrinkofBedlam
On Twitter: @Chaoskay

CupcakeMumma xx

* Please reframe from sending real penguins, apparently there isn't enough bath space and penguins are too noisy for a family home. Although that would be a good vlog i'm sure!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! And yes, thanks for stating that I have no room for real penguins too. Although they are adorable, I just think they're a little impractical (more's the pity!). So kind of you to help out and I really do appreciate this. All the best! Kay :O) xxx