Smiling at the Simple Things

I've been paying attention to the smaller more simpler things in life this past week. I've had massive moments of feeling pretty low if I'm honest due to one thing or another and just when I was about to write it all down I thought about all the bad and wrong going on recently and I stopped myself. Who wants to read my 'sorry for myself posts' anyway? I certainly don't want to go back and see them.

Here are a few things that have made me smile. Probably a bit weirdly. Probably followed with Mums whispering to their children that I'm not all there and should be avoided. I am all here though..or there. Just in case you were wondering....

1) I often look out of my bedroom window and usually after I've put the children to bed. There appears to be a quiet that sweeps the town for half an hour or so in the early evening and I like to take advantage of that. Peace and quiet makes me smile but that wasn't on my list. What I did see was two elderly ladies walking gingerly along the pavement gripping the shopping trolley bag in front of them. They were nattering away but concentrating ever so hard at the same time. Maybe they were sisters? Or just two close friends. I hope that, aside from my future husband, I too can have a dear old friend to grow old with.

2) I was sat on a bus watching a little girl being totally doted on by her Grandparents. It was just so lovely to see 3 elderly people look so young and happy all because of this little bundle. I would say their Grand daughter was about 9 or 10 months old and she was the cutest little thing ever. I can't imagine my parents ever taking my 2 out like that, not to be horrible of course i just think it's rare for many these days but so wonderful to see.

3) Before Little Miss went to sleep on Friday night we were talking a bit about going to the theme park the next day. She was really excited about it but was a little disappointed when I told her that unfortunately if the sun doesn't come out for a bit then we probably wouldn't be able to go. I sat in my room for a while as I usually do and it warmed my heart to hear her talking to the 'Sun Fairies'. It worked though, we had a lovely weekend!

Finally, my pen friend had her baby. She had a gorgeous little girl and I defy anyone not to feel a little warmth when looking at a tiny new life being brought into the world.

Many things have honestly got to me this week. Not just personal things like people I miss but cannot see but on a larger scale too. All the news of so much crime at the moment and most recently all of the atrocities in Syria, it's just terrible. We sometimes need to look at these more 'easier to miss' moments, write them down and treasure them.



Kat Sighs said...

Sun fairies - I love it! Kids are just amazing. I love hearing their thoughts about everything. Hope you're feeling more chirpy soon my lovely. Blame the weather and get your little princess to chat to the fairies for you (that's so adorable!) xxx

Tinuke B said...

Glad you were able to look at the bigger picture by noticing all of the smaller things that are special about the everyday (I hope that makes sense, I swear it did in my head!)

Really like the idea of the sun fairies, can you spread some of their magic over my house please?

steph: not just a mummy said...

a lovely post, i hope you are feeling better :)

Hannah said...

Thank you Steph, I'm feeling much better x

Hannah said...

Haha yes it made perfect sense! Sometimes it sucks because I keep eyes open but nothing i see or hear makes me smile. I miss those days, even if i'm in a perfectly good mood.

Sure thing, Sun Fairies coming your way! x

Hannah said...

Thanks Kat i'm feeling much better :-)
They sure are amazing, love them to bits! Sun Fairies? Def the best thing she's come out with in a while! xxx