Half Term Wash Out!

I was going to wait until the end of the week to post about our half term but considering the weather hasn't exactly been on our side and it doesn't look like we'll be doing much other than duvet days, movie nights, baking and colouring (unless Saturday brightens up) I figured I may as well post what we have done now.

The Jubilee weekend was great wasn't it? We watched all those wonderful boats and barges travel down the Thames, Little Miss started singing 'God Save The Queen' everytime she heard it sung on the tele which was really sweet. They'd been learning it in school you see.

On Saturday it wasn't just the Queens Diamond Jubilee but also my Gran's birthday which we celebrated as a big family down at the pub. It's a lovely pub but it was apparent by the end why I don't visit pubs (a part from the rather frosty atmosphere if you don't appear to be a regular- heaven forbid if you're not a local!) it's also the fact that there isn't anywhere to change your children. This goes without saying, it's pub, I don't expect anything different but I didn't think about it until the time came when, with Little Man still a bit unwell decided to fill his nappy. The poor boy had to be changed on the sink side in the ladies room! I was very annoyed with some unhelpful comments made by family members and it did ruin my good mood slightly but altogether we had a lovely day.

Little Miss loves putting on some nice clothes. She chose her lovely daisy top and accessorised herself with the headband. What you can't see is her tutu which I made on her nursery dress up. I made a ladybird one and added white and blue especially for the Jubilee.
I actually got to wear some nice shoes. These cost 6 pounds and I bought them a year ago! 
My Aunt, Mum and Gran at the top of the table waiting for their starters. Gran had a lovely day and enjoyed her chocolate and card that Little Miss helped make and wrap.

 Pops had to share his starter with a rather impatient and hungry Little Man. The landlord didn't hear us order the children's meal either so they had to wait even longer for the main course which he was most apologetic for! There was just so many of us ordering i didn't blame him!
My Aunt is a vegan and always gets served this special dish for her whenever she eats at this pub with my Mum. I believe inside this pineapple it is literally stuffed full to the top with risotto.
I settled for haddock with chips and veg which was okay. The chips were nice (I'm really fussy with chips) the veg was great too as it was slightly undercooked giving me that crunch I love. It was the haddock I didn't enjoy because it was just so bland and thin. I prefer my frozen smoked fillets!

Still, as I said it was a lovely day and luckily we got some sun on Monday too so we did lots of waiting for buses to get to the theme park Flambards. It's really expensive (for a family on a tight budget) but we saved the pennies specifically for this day out. Can you believe we were ALL charged though? Even my 1 year old who couldn't actually go on anything? Okay they do have the younger rides but they are pants to be honest and as much as Little Man would've liked them I would've struggled to get in ALL of them (and I'm not even big OR tall)

Little Miss had fun though- she loved the log flume and went on it again and again. Daddy also took her on the go carts which she thought was a laugh and we went on the roller coaster together which scared her a bit to start with but by the end she was laughing. If the que wasn't so long we would've gone again! We purchased some photos from the photo booth set up by the log flume (with hilarious consequences!) and both children had so much fun in the ball pools. I wouldn't use the big play area because you have to pay and again, it's just too expensive for us.

We brought food in for the children which was lucky because at £3.75 for 8 big chicken nuggets I nearly cried (well, if i bought them I would've done!) Other half and I settled for some nice fries then carried on with our day. Little Miss was very upset to leave which is always a good sign! You do get to validate your ticket at the exit which is great because you can then return to the park once during 5 days from your visit for free. Due to the weather though we may have to give that a miss sadly!

I'll leave you with some photos of our day out which overall was a great success, especially for Little Miss and Man which is the most important thing and we could still go again because there's no way we were bored after just one visit. There was face painting and other bits and bobs we couldn't do because we were short of a few pennies which we would make sure wouldn't happen again!

This sensory room is so much fun. The mirrors are great!

Riding on the indoor cars. This was his first time on the
 ride ons and he loved it!

On their way round...

At the top!
And splash!
I spotted this flower on the way to the museums. How beautiful?
 I hope you're having a good week despite the weather! I've really enjoyed looking through everyone's Jubilee photos and reading what you've been up to, it's been wonderful!

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