Homemade Heart Swap Part 1

I was so excited when signing up to Mary's Homemade Heart Swap. The idea was to make and send (or thrift a lovely item) along the theme of hearts. Five presents made with love and thought.

My 5 presents arrived yesterday. I waited until the evening when all was calm so my lovely gifts wouldn't get trashed by the Little One's. I was really excited to open my huge parcel and find these beautifully wrapped gifts:

I didn't manage to get a photo of the big heart you can see, but Louise made a fairly big wooden heart for me and wrapped it up beautifully. I've even kept the twine and bobble on because they look so great!

My gorgeous little felt pillow. This is hanging on my bedroom door. I have been looking for ages for something to hang from our door with no luck so thank you Louise! The fact she has chosen pink is just perfect!

How cute is this! I love buttons and I have hung my button heart in my hallway for all to see next to my newly applied wall art.

A cute mini cupcake cushion! I was thrilled when I opened this present because it is so thoughtful. I like to rest my arms on it in the evening whilst nursing a hot chocolate.

Another wonderfully wrapped item. Louise has popped a map of my home county (Cornwall) into a frame and placed a small heart exactly where I live!
'Home is where the heart is'
So true. So thoughtful.

Thank you so much Lousie for my lovely gifts and thank you Mary from MaryPoppins for organising such a wonderful idea.

I'll be blogging 'Part 2' soon to show you what I posted off for the lovely Louise!


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    1. Isn't it? I had a great time, but its harder than it looks! x