A Beautiful Blog!

I've been given an award! (The Beautiful Blogger Award) by Jess who has a lovely blog Catch a Single Thought. Please have a read! This is my first award so I'm very pleased and nicely surprised! I'm more than happy to accept and pass it on.

In order to accept this award there are 3 things I am required to do:
1) Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog
2) Tell seven facts about yourself
3) Nominate seven worthy people for the award and let them know why

Seven Facts About Me:

1. I love history. I am totally fascinated by being in the same place or touching/holding something that was held by somebody many, many years ago. I love learning (shame I don't retain it so well, that's what cameras are for though right?) and I have list on Pinterest with some of the places I would like to visit. 

2. I already have my fiance's surname and I am already a 'Mrs' yet I have not actually married Other Half yet, that comes in August! I changed my surname (because I disliked it and think my Other Half's name is a good, strong name) and I figured we'd never bother to get married but I didn't like being referred to as 'Miss' it makes me feel really, really young!...Then we had children so figured it would be a good thing to do. We love each other of course!!

3. I've watched The Inbetweeners so much I often mindlessly talk along or do that annoying thing where the character has a pause so I kind of jump in with their next line...because I'm a bit sad.

4. I like to always have my toenails painted. I can go a while giving my fingers a break but I hate not having my toenails painted. Usually I will also make sure they are either matching or one shade lighter/darker than the colour on my fingers!

5. I collect postcards. I have a tin under my bed getting nicely full of postcards from all over the world thanks to some lovely people. I also buy a postcard whenever I have day out, even it's to a local attraction.

6. I hate loud music. I'm not a fan parties but I'm more talking about loud music in cars (whether I'm in them or out of them), music from houses/clubs/bars etc. I just find it annoying!

7. I have a book kept safe where every month I write down thoughts and prayers. In every month I always have the same prayers, I always ask forgiveness but my thoughts change and sometimes I add another prayer. I'm not sure why I do it, but it just feels right.

Now to pass this award on.

Mama Syder is a wonderful blogger who is so welcoming and friendly. I've said all of this before and she knows it (is probably fed up of it!) but honestly, if you haven't read her blog why!?

Bex at BusyBeeBex. Bex writes about her 2 gorgeous children and in particular her little boy. She is beautiful, honest and i love checking in with her blog.

Kat at KatSighs. Kat's another blogger I only followed recently but I love what she writes about. Mainly her family but a lot of thoughts go into her blog which I love reading and replying to too.

Lousie at Louise'sWestOxenWorld. I was recently paired with Louise for a Home Made Heart Swap which has been so much fun. I cannot wait to receive my gift and feel I've made items that will be suited to her. That's why i nominate Louise, because we 'met' very quickly and yet from her blog I feel I've learnt many a thing about her already.

Lucy at LeopardPrintMommy.It's always great catching up with Lucy's blog. I love reading what she gets up to with her handsome little lad and she's always writing something which interests me and gives me something to chat about!

A Cupcake Mum. Vicky gets up to so much and I really enjoy reading all her posts. Not only that, but she has a really fab risotto recipe, has the word 'Cupcake' in her name and is an all round beautiful blogger!

Jennifer from Jennifer's Little World. Jennifer shares lovely posts on her blog and gets up to all sorts with her family. Also on Jennifer's blog is a weekly '3 To Read' where she lists bloggers that she follows and a link to their post which has caught her eye. I think it's a great way to meet new bloggers and discover new posts to read which is a really lovely idea. I've been featured once, so thank you Jennifer! Hope you can think of 7 more facts haha!



  1. thank you sooo much :) will do this in the next few days :) x x

  2. Awww Thank you! Will try to think of 7 things so may take me a while! xx

  3. all done :) thank you so much again http://leopardprintmommy.blogspot.co.uk/