Plymouth University Art Exhibition

I went to Plymouth yesterday not to shop (although we did allow extra for browsing the stores and having some fun) but to go and visit Plymouth University's art and media exhibition. I really, really enjoyed myself. I love it when the rooms are empty, this may be seen as a bad thing but being someone who enjoys art and being able to flick through folders and stare at photos or other visual art pieces without feeling claustrophobic or having to move on so others can get a good view it's a good thing.

In this post I give you my favourite pieces from the exhibition. Anyone who lives near Plymouth please go and visit the university and have a look around, there are some fab pieces there.

This is the reason myself and my family went to view the exhibition in the first place. This is a photo taken by my brother, William Goode, one of a series of photographs of Loe Bar in Cornwall. I adore this photo in particular and I'm secretly hoping he'll allow me a copy so I can hang in my home! I think he could sell these prints. This is my favourite because he has captured the colour so well, the blue against the brown and then the scenery in the background. I also love the prints left by horse riders.

There was no name surrounding this art but it was a large black and white print on paper stuck to the wall in the corridor. There were crayons hung up and an invitation for you to add your own little mark. As you can see many people have contributed to this and I love the idea for this reason. I'm sure you can see what I added to this great idea?

Couldn't resist! I've effectively tagged it- hope they like it!

Now this was a powerful piece. There were three large canvases all representing Amy's horse, Rosie, who had to be put down after a fall. It's horrible seeing an animal put down but for horse riders it must be particularly painful. Amy has photographed effectively what is left after the loss of someone she loved. One photo was the riding school, maybe where the horse fell I do not know, the other is this very poignant shot of Rosie's reins. Amazing photography.

'Picture Confessions' was another piece I loved. A group of people have been rounded up and asked to write something on a board, something I would say they have never admitted to in their lives. This ranges from one person admitting they stepped on and accidentally killed a pet, a good looking lad admitting to being single for a number of years...and still counting, to a man admitting he found joy in self harming for a number of years..very interesting. I wonder what I would write?

 Now, below is my favourite piece by far. This is probably because I am a mother, so it tugged at those maternal heart strings. Olivia Edmonds followed a young woman through her whole pregnancy recording in photographs every step, even when her baby was transferred to the neonatal unit shortly after birth. What a difficult thing to go through but yet still allow someone to document this time for you.
This piece is called T.R.A.P which I know sounds odd, but the reason for this is because the woman (Miranda) was not only pregnant again and experiencing those wonderful feelings of happiness, delight and anticipation but she was also grieving the loss of one of her children too.

In Olivia's words:
 'With life and death being the components to our existence, you do not expect to have to cope with these conflicting factors at the same time'
Miranda's very generous bump!

Reminding me of the birth of my babies.
A diary kept by Miranda, baby grows and much more..

I can't imagine my baby being attached to all these wires...
 All in all a really amazing experience. I'm hoping to visit my local college to support the students there and hopefully see some more work and learn some more names to look out for! I got some lovely postcards to remember some of the art work above for my collection.

To round off, we did a bit of shopping before our train journey stopping once for doughnuts and another time to spend just short of £20 on a bear!!

'Pretty Star' She's well loved already.