31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

I've decided to join in with the 31 day blog challenge as hosted by a new blogger I have found, Emma from BoyOhBoy. I'm really excited to join in and meet some new bloggers and maybe get to know others better.

For Day 1 I'm going to introduce myself and post a recent picture!
So, for those who don't know I'm Hannah the name behind Cupcake Mumma which isn't even a year old! I'm 22 and mother to my 4 year old Little Miss and 1 year old Little Man. I'm getting married this August (getting close) to a lovely man I met 5 years ago.

I am a young Mummy, I had my daughter when i was 18 and my son when I was 21. I regret nothing. I love taking photos, i enjoy reading and am just a bit obsessed with my iPhone and Twitter. I'm a bit of a recluse and should get out more- one my challenges in life! Last but not least I live in Cornwall UK which is a lovely place to live (when I get out of the town!)

Now for a recent photo of me. I'm not a fan of my photo being taken but I'll play along!

PS. Obviously I am also an avid fan of cupcakes and pink!