Our Wet and Windy Weekend

Just to be totally British I am going to go and say 'have you seen this weather? Of course you have, it's bloody awful, absolutely whizzing it down out there and if Little Miss doesn't cling on for dear life she swears the wind will take her. Luckily we haven't HAD to venture out and if you have I feel for you I really do.

However, saying that I was terribly bored on Sunday, so bored I even contemplated taking Little Miss swimming which she quickly vetoed pointing out that it was in fact raining so much we could swim outside. When i said it would be warm in the pool she didn't buy it. Damn. Outsmarted again.

I later turned to Other Half and within 20 minutes we were all kitted up for our battle with the rain and wind. Little Miss and I headed out first to grab some seats at the restaurant with Other Half following closely behind. We didn't get too wet, Little Man was obviously the dry one out of the lot of us and I think he was rather smug about this, little monkey

I treated us all to a nice lunch which made a change as Other Half is usually the one parting with his cash on family days out. Of course I help out but he usually pays the bulk amount so it was nice to treat him as well. I had beans, eggs and chips, not healthy in the slightest but totally necessary on such a wet and miserable day.

 Below is a photo of our view during lunch. Glorious isn't it!

 Little Man is at this highly frustrating stage (for both him and me to be honest) where if it's on a spoon it isn't quite good enough. He will plunge his hands into my breakfast cereal, try to nick his sister's dinner and if you try to put a spoon near him he'll bat it away or try to feed himself! Needless to say we spread butter on his tea cakes and let him do the rest before he helped himself to one of Daddy's onion rings and then my fruit salad dessert!

Trying real onion rings for the first time.

Soo happy
 Little Miss is not fun when it comes to food. She is one of the fussiest children I have ever come across and has been the same since she was 2. I'm of the opinion that Other Half is slightly food phobic to be honest and I think she's picked up some of his anxiety. Bean juice (as they call it) sends them into shocking fits of refusal (yes Other Half as well!)

Eating some ice cream for pudding after doing well with her dinner
Very unusual!
 After all that the last thing to do was have a nice hot chocolate before heading back out into the weather. I love pictures of hot drinks, they just make me feel warm without even touching a drop!

We did in fact have a lovely day. We left at half 12 and didn't return home until after 4 by which time it was almost Little Man's bedtime. I'm glad I hadn't prepared a roast because I was pretty full as was Other Half after his burger and onion rings. I wasn't very well after all that though which is a shame to end the day like that. It wasn't a bug, more like a wake up call! I've been eating so much rubbish my body can no longer deal with it. Time to get serious with this healthy stuff.
Watch this space!


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  1. Bean juice is totally disgusting, I don't think you can blame them on that one!