Day 2/31 20 Facts About Me

It's always good to learn more about more people! So for my 31 Day Blog Challenge I give you 20 facts about me!

1. Every evening after the children have gone to bed I snuggle into a duvet and blog/watch tele
2.I love feet and often have an urge to massage them! Not that I've ever admitted it (until now)
3. I'm getting married in just 3 months
4.I'm a Scorpio (look it up, never a truer word written!)
5. I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder. Previously i suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder which caused me so much emotional pain growing up. I had CBT after my son was born and I'm now able to do things like paying for items, going on buses alone. Yes it really is that bad.
6. I can't eat wheat, dairy or gluten
7. I love my iPhone a bit too much
8. I love Pinterest a lot, you can follow me by clicking that badge in the sidebar!
9. My favourite day of the week is Tuesday
10. I love a bit of patriotism, I love the British flag, our history, The Royal Family and want to explore  so much more of my country
11. I collect postcards- more on that later
12. I had PND with my first daughter and I wasn't much better until she was nearly 2
13. My Aunt delivered both my children
14. I used to be in the Brownies and loved it
15. I'm not a bad singer but won't sing unless it's for my children or Other Half
16. I'm T-Total (don't smoke or drink) and proud!
17. I love taking photos, it's so great to be more open when looking around you see so much more
18. I hate it when people don't get back to me
19.I keep talking about toning up and loosing a few pounds but it never happens
20. I hate strangers dogs, I don't mind but am not fond of other people's dogs and I'd rather not have my own although I'm sure i will one day (no thanks to finance i dare say)

There you go, feel free to join in at BoyOhBoy's lovely blog by clicking the above badge.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I do the same in the evenings! And I used to be in Brownies too.

    I have had periods of anxiety in the past. The worst being before I got married and I was medicated for that.... it's horrible :(

    1. It must be done!
      It is horrible and i think people underestimate anxiety and how powerful it really is. Getting married soon is really making it rear its head. x

  2. we have thomgs in common. i have suffered with social anxiety disorder, id never heard of it until i had CBT, i still suffer with anxiety and it gets me bad. i cant have dairy due to lactose intolerance and ive also suffered with PND. im also the same with singing and people not getting back to me. i actually only came online as im expecting an email reply from my brother! nice u know a bit more about u :)

    1. Wow we do have a lot in common! It's nice to know there are others out there though too. Thank you for commenting x

  3. Love pinterest and my iphone too!

    I suffered with PND after my 3rd child.

    1. Hi Jan great to meet you!
      Hope you've beaten the pnd now :)

  4. I spend most nights the same way! :)

  5. Congratulations on getting married!!
    I am addicted to Pinterest and love my iPhone too!