The Pill and Teens

Today I have seen and heard many things but the most common theme is about teenage girls the age of 13 being allowed to obtain 'The Pill' from chemists without the knowledge of their parents. There are those who agree with this and there are those who oppose this move with very strong opinions on the subject.
Do i agree? Yes I do.

It's a well known fact these days that for whatever reason children are not staying children for long. I have no idea what makes a 13 year old want to have sex. I knew what sex was but was I interested in it? No, not until I was 16 and even then I wasn't emotionally ready. Many young girls become physically ready for sex around the age of 13 and some even younger. Are they emotionally ready? No I think not.

I do think it's a shame that young girls feel the need to approach professionals because they feel they cannot approach their parents. But with sex and parents comes total embarrassment doesn't it? I never spoke to my parents and why would i? I don't fully expect my children will either but I'd like to think they could (and would). I would never judge and like to think I'd be there to give the listening ear and best advice possible- what more is there I could do?

A lot of blame is put on parents and education. There are some parents who couldn't give two hoots what their children are doing and i would rather those children had someone to turn to, somewhere to obtain this pill safely and with a consultation than end up pregnant with an unwanted child or feeling their only option would be to turn to abortion which is a  decision not easily made for anyone and especially one no 13 year old could emotionally manage in my opinion.

The only thing that doesn't sit right with me is not knowing what medication my daughter is on. The pill is not a simple medication. There are some people who really should not take it and if your child doesn't know a family history of illnesses specified then this puts them at risk. And if you don't know about them obtaining the pill then surly you won't know about the arrangements they would have to make regularly to get the next packet, the blood pressure and weight checks? It's a long line of miss-communication between teens and parents which shouldn't be happening.

Ultimately though? I hope Little Miss wouldn't have sex until she was ready (over 16 please!). I do hope she has enough self respect, I do hope she doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone and I really do hope she learns to say 'No'.
I could talk to her until I was blue in the face about contraception. I could tell her my story of being a young Mum until the cows came home but she will do what she wants, after all I did.
 I was 17 when I fell pregnant, not as young as some of the girls in England now but young enough to stop college, young enough to loose friends and become a responsible grown up when really I should have been travelling, working, studying and having fun. I knew everything about sex and relationships but I was naive and, quite frankly, stupid. I'm not scared to admit that. There were no accidents, there was nothing to blame other than the immature mentality of a 17 year old.
No parental advice, no first class sex education system, no screaming dolls you can turn off (or stick   in a wardrobe for a quiet night!) will change how some of us make our decisions.

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