Adding to Collections:

As many of you know I collect postcards and have been for about a year now. I have a little tin under my bed where I keep them all safe. Some of them are picked up when I visit a new place, some are bought from the same shop as I got one before but the occasion is different and some are really, really old. 1930's old, which is amazing. Most of these are dated and have lovely small written notes to friends or loved ones on. I'm a bit of a history lover and I adore the thought of holding something that was in somebody else's hand so many years ago.

Last weekend I went off around the market and I went to my favourite stall hoping to find some good postcards from years ago. Sadly there were only 2 proper postcards. I have been known to pick up very old photos from this stall too as the old fashion, traditional photography just pulls me in along with the fashion of say a young woman or child.
Anyway, I picked up a couple of postcards costing 75p each. As you can see i'm not the hard core collector just yet. To spend nearly a fiver on a postcard it would have to be pretty special to me!

Another collection I enjoy adding to is my stamp collection. A few months ago my Mum brought over a memory box I made when I was 12/13. Inside was a little pocket of stamps I had started collecting and never carried on. Well, going around the market I came across a new stall full of postcards, medals and yes, stamps. At 25p each I thought i'd treat myself!
I'm drawn to stamps for their artwork and fine detail. This is another reason I using Postcrossing as I love seeing the stamps on the back of my newly delivered postcards from all over the world.

These are just wonderful! My favourites by far!
 On leaving the market I came across a lady selling bags of stamps. Most of the stamps have been 'stamped' during mailing which is a shame but i got rid of very little and mostly duplicates to be honest. I can still see a lot if not most of the detail on these stamps.

And what do I do with all these old stamps? Put them in a tin of course! I found the perfect one. A vintage quality street tin bearing Major Quality and Miss Sweetly. This tin doesn't have the Quality Street logo which has puzzled me a bit but I think it's wonderful nonetheless! I gave it a clean up and now it's all ready to be loved again.

Major Quality and Miss Sweetly all cleaned up

Lovely designs of the setting 

'Mackintosh's Quality Street'
 What do you collect? I'd love to know!