Trevithick Day

Here in Cornwall we celebrate Richard Trevithick, the pioneer in steam-powered rail. Richard Trevithick invented the first high-pressure steam engine and also went on to build the first full scale working railway locomotive. To read more on Richard Trevithick and why he is so important to the Cornish please click this link!

Every year at the end of April it is Trevithick Day in Cornwall and come rain or shine the stalls come out, the rides come out, the food and drink flow, the steam engines make their travels to the town centre of Camborne along with vintage cars and lots of people!
We were very lucky to have the sun shine for us on Saturday only experiencing small showers on and off through the day. We packed Little man in his back carrier to avoid the fuss of pushing the buggy through the crowds which was a nightmare last year!

First of all we did a quick glance of the stalls before buying anything, we like getting a feel of the things on offer instead of just diving in. There was this huge stall selling all sorts of sweets, have you ever seen so many?

We bought some lolly pops and flying saucers which are my favourites, plus the face the little ones pull when the sherbet hits their tongue is priceless!

Then we watched the parade come through town. The smaller steam engines led the way with Camborne Town Band playing their music behind them. Little Miss and Little Man were really interested in what was going on. Little Miss loved the steam engines and couldn't wait to see the bigger ones, Little Man just couldn't believe what was going on!

Enjoying the parade

Afterwards Little Miss bumped into a school friend who had her face painted so, off we went to find the face painter!

Then it was time for the big engines!

This is the replica of Puffing Devil, the first high pressured steam engine built by Richard Trevithick.
Me and Little Miss in front of the Colossus

Favourite shot of the day
 Finally, before heading home and popping Little Man to bed and collapsing onto the sofa ourselves, we took Little Miss around the fair for some rides. Daddy got a Scooby Doo toy for Little Man and a Hello Kitty toy for Little Miss on those over priced but fun fair ground stalls. I'll leave you with Little Miss on the rides!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like a great day. Your little Miss looks very cute as a butterfly!

  2. i was going to avoid trevithick day crowds, they dont mix well with buggies but we braved it in the end. the engines come past our house which shakes...quite scary but the kids like it :)