I like it. Who doesn't? Recently however I am either having too little or too much. 'Too much?!' I hear you cry/weep/shout...Yes, too bloody much! If I go to bed at a stupid hour i'll convince Other Half to let me lay in (he's nice like that..sometimes) and catch up a bit. Only this seems to wear off after a few hours when I hit a real slump in the middle of the day. Nothing picks me up, only another nap..Another bloody nap! I don't usually go for this nap, very rarely if i'm honest after all that would be very unfair on Other Half who actually does have a job at a factory to go to.

Oh dear. Now i'm not coming across well at all am i?

I have bags under my eyes that are the size of 2 small islands and I'm a bit snappy. Okay i'm pretty snappy but I do try to control myself (when hormones aren't in charge of course) and I quite frankly cannot be arsed to do anything! 

When I was a teenager I actually didn't take advantage of all this lay in business (now I feel a fool) and it would appear that I'm having some what of a mid twenties crisis allowing hormones to run wild, having late nights watching TV and larking about on Twitter (to name one) when I should surly be tucked up with a hot chocolate turning lights out at a reasonable hour....All Mum like and that you know?

Okay that's never going to happen but if there's anyone out there with a boot big enough come and kick my arse won't you? Little Miss is starting school this September and I don't think sleeping in until 8.00am will get me to the school gates with her and Little Man in time for 9.00am do you?

Cupcake Mumma

ps. Other Half has his fair share of lay ins too!