Wedding Prep- 5 Months To Go!

And so it begins!
Today I had a hair trial for my wedding day with my sister and my Mum. My Mums friend is kindly doing all of our hair which is so nice of her and with what we have come up with today i am super excited! I did take photos, but I won't be placing them up on here after having second thoughts! However, I have found the style I love, very simple, pretty and elegant which matches my whole idea from the tiara to the shoes!

My Mum was also pleased with her hair trial and all she needs now is to find a lovely comb to slip into her hair to finish it off beautifully.

My sister chose a nice style which suits her well too. Again, she didn't want it shown off just yet so I went for a prep photo which she won't be pleased to see. Good job she doesn't read this then!

In the middle of back combing
My hair was back combed to high heaven, smoothed out and then pinned like I couldn't believe. Apparently this is only the beginning of pinning, combing and hair spraying. I think I used half a can of hair spray on my locks but I think on the wedding day my hairdresser friend has said there is more than where that came from! 

Now on to shoes! My shoes and my bouquet arrived on the same day! That was terribly exciting as you can imagine. Here, my lovely readers, is a photo of my lovely shoes. My sister will also be getting a pair for her dress. They're quite a bargain at just under £20 (cheap when you look at 'wedding' shoes online) so thanks Amazon!

My theme is roses so I am so pleased I found these online by an off chance. They're ivory and match my dress perfectly. I'll be adding a touch of sparkle in the way of flower pins to my bouquet as it isn't quite 'sparkly' enough for me. It's a beautiful bouquet and also a gift from my Uncle which makes it even more special. I'm so grateful to everybody who is making a contribution.

Still to do:
* Bridesmaids shoes need to be found and bought- I'm really struggling to find something I like
* Rings! I'm having recurring nightmares of not having the rings so I need to buy my rings asap!
* Some very nice underwear *wink wink*
* I need to get something 'blue' and something 'borrowed'
* Button Holes need to be made. My sister-in-law to be and myself are making some guest ones
* Discuss the buffet selection 
* Consider my reception decoration. I know I want balloon decorations so need to sort this out
* Design my center pieces (giant cupcakes!)
* Find some entertainment! A big worry for me right now!!
* Hand out the final invites to local friends
* Book appointment for Other Half and his Best Man to sort their suit preferences
* I also need to get some thank you gifts as well

I'm sure there is a few more things, and I do have them written down but if you think of anything please let me know! Don't let me forget the small things!

Right, I hope I haven't bored anybody, if you've got this far well done you! I purposely write staggered posts on my wedding prep because even I get bored of weddings and this is my own!

Anyone else planning a wedding? Their own or helping a friend? Let me know how you're getting on!

Cupcake Mumma x


  1. My dear friend Charlie makes all sorts of wedding accessories, please take a look at her website :
    Joy xx

    1. Thank you joy i'll be sure to have a look and see x

  2. Have you thought about the transportation to and from the ceremony site? You seem to have missed that from the list!
    Good luck with the wedding! :)

    1. Ah I do have that sorted yes! My grandad is taking me using his very nice Jag which is just fab, more money saved!! x