Snap Slappers!

Ah, Snap Slappers I apologise, the news of Picnik closing hit me hard. I'm one of those who once actually manages to work a site struggles to come to terms with the fact I'll have to learn all over again. However, I'm still using Picnik to add text to my photos on my blog so I thought this week I'd go and join in with Five Go Blogging and her meme:

This is why I love my son...

Well one of the reasons. It's not even my birthday!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers


  1. awww cute - love the bunch of flowers. I will miss Picnik too. Try picmonkey - it's very similar - not quite as good yet but getting there.
    PS love the fact you have pic of your other half on your blog and he doesn't know.

    1. Thank-you! And thanks for the suggestion I'll check it out tonight while I edit some more photos. Haha he'd be mortified! But i'm sure he'd forgive me- support and all that :-)

  2. The best presents are homemade, even if they are from a toilet roll!
    Thanks for joining in xx
    PS Picmonkey is dead easy and I reckon will be the same as picnik by 19th April!

  3. Awh, I'm sure as he gets older he'll say it and offer you real flowers (or in my little brothers case, grass lmao!) xx