Operation Superhero

We have been set the task of dressing our little darlings as superheros tomorrow. Super easy for boys but in my opinion not so simple for the girls. There isn't much on offer for fancy dress and I'll be darned if I'm spending ten pounds or there about on an outfit just for one day as Little Miss isn't really into dressing up at home. Hard time and all that!

So, with this in mind I decided to pop into my local fabric store to see what I could source. I came across some fabric which is cute. No it's not superhero like at all but as she plans to be 'Super L'  I figured her cape could be whatever she wants it to be. I have some felt stashed in my cupboard so later when all is quiet I can sew some initials and maybe something else to onto the cape too.

I think ill throw her in some leggings and shorts and she can pull it off fine. I mentioned my idea to another Mum and her daughter is going as Super (her name) as well which is cool. In fact it was her that tipped me off about the fabric store. I hope we haven't bought the same fabric!

I'll be sure to post a photo up tomorrow before she ventures off to enjoy her school day. I thought I had better get this post in early as I'll be busy sticking pins in my fingers tonight no doubt!
Cupcake Mumma

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