I Lost My Hamster, Put Up a Shelf and Other News..

It's been a good day today. Alright so my title doesn't really give off that vibe does it?

There we were merrily going about our morning when Other Half turns to me mid washing up and says 'why is Crunchie's cage open?' 'I have no idea....Oh no. The hamster isn't in there.' We had a mad dash around the house to hunt for Crunchie, we managed to get a few silent moments to listen for any russel of paper or bags, scratching of walls or floors. We didn't have much time as I had to leave for the nursery drop off and Other Half had to go to work.

Upon returning it was apparent the brief moment of total peace didn't end in the success of finding the hamster for Other Half. This became clear when I walked into the bathroom after putting Little Man to bed and saw a hamster ball with a handful of seeds and other hamster food in. Slightly across from this odd trap was talc powder leading to the space under the bath. How tempted was I to pop my little fingers on that!

We found the hamster this evening thankfully. He was under the stairs right at the back behind handbags, suitcases and baby carriers. He had obviously been there all day and had chewed through a bin bag full of wires and it would appear he had started digging a hole presumably in his desperation to be free. Anyhow, he was alive and my temporary visions of a dead smelly hamster lurking somewhere in my home are thankfully going to be unfounded.
Little Miss was over the moon to have found her hamster and I was pretty chuffed to have found him too after he wolfed down his food and drunk a load of water. That'll be a cage in need of a deep clean tomorrow!

Also you will see that I did indeed put my shelf up. It's a little wonky, it's not perfect (and it wasn't in fab condition before it went up can I add in my defence) the drill scared the life out of me, I had no idea what I was doing. In the end I hammered the screws in so this shelf is definitely not ready for my recipe books just yet. Thing is, now it's up Other Half has no choice but to sort it out and make it secure. I'm pretty proud of myself but I won't show it off until it's finished as part of my 52 Days project.

We also had library group this morning. It was bit thin on the ground but both my babies enjoyed their gluing and sticking (or crayon eating- so tasty don't you know?) I've caught up on my blog reading and my e-mails. I've even ordered my Mum her Mothers present which I cannot wait to give her next month.

To end I would like to say what a lush day it has been! A lovely way to end February.
Cupcake Mumma x

Lovely walk from school this morning

It's an extra lovely day when my 2 play so nice together.



  1. Oh, thank goodness you found the hamster.

    1. Yes I was a bit worried although he seemed to have fun. x

  2. So glad you found the hamster hun!! Such a funny pic! x

    1. Lol thanks Chole Im rather glad too! I did laugh after the mess was cleaned up! x