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I feel very lucky to be me right now. All week I have been thinking of what to write for Oxfam's International Women's Day prompt. All the time really it was right under my nose.

I am free to do as I wish. I am with the man who I love who not everyone agreed with at first. I never had to leave him though. I never had break both his and my heart because he did not live up to the expectations of some of my family.

I have the freedom to be friends with who I like. I have never felt I have to be friends with someone just to keep everything sweet. I have never been made to disown a friend because somebody I was close to didn't agree with the way this person dressed, thought, said things. I was allowed to make my own mistakes where friendships were concerned.

There is another one. Mistakes. I have been allowed to grow and make my own mistakes. No one hangs over me constantly telling me what to do, where to go. I have been allowed to bring up my 2 children the way I see fit. Sometimes I have got it wrong but I have learnt and been allowed to learn.

Freedom is such a powerful word. There are the other more crucial parts to life that I have freedom to. I have the freedom to learn. All I have to do is search online and sign up to a university and I can study from home, feed my brain anything it craves should I wish. A lot of children don't have this freedom and it's so, so unfair.

I can drink clean water. I can call a doctor if I need one. I can get to a hospital in good time, not days. I have the freedom to open up when I have an opinion.  A lot of people in some countries don't even have that, hell even in our very own country some people are beaten down physically or mentally for uttering a 'wrong' word. I don't have that fear.

I am free. I love being free. I can walk out my front door when ever I like and do what ever I want-within reason. I'm getting married this year. I have chosen my own husband-to-be, I have chosen every aspect of this wedding with my husband-to-be and we are having the day we so want. No one is choosing what I must or must not wear. No one is telling me who can and cannot come to the big day. No one is arranging anything unless I have asked them kindly to do so. Some brides to be are not that lucky. Some have not even had the freedom to chose their husband-to-be. Some don't even know who they are marrying.

I would like to know what freedom means to you. Please link your post up with Claire at The Lazy Girl's Guide to Life and join in with her blog prompt for Oxfam's #GetTogether.
*International Women's Day is held on 8th March click here for more info*

Cupcake Mumma


  1. lovely words, we are very lucky to beable to make our own choices and decisions in life :) x

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post. The whole blog prompt link should make for some very interesting reads. Hope you have a wonderful day at your wedding!

    1. Thanks very much I actually enjoyed writing it. Thanks i'll be sure to blog about it after im sure lol x

  3. What an excellent post hun x

  4. What a beautiful post, Cupcake Mumma. Thanks for writing it. I certainly enjoyed reading what you and your fans above had to say.

    I, too, am glad that I live in a relatively free country, the United States. I'm a Catholic. My faith is everything to me. I am glad that I am free to practice my religion without fear of being imprisoned or killed for doing just that. Sadly, and in all too many places on our globe, people are not free to worship (or not worship) as they choose.

    Incidentally, we celebrate Mother's Day in May here in America. I guess that means I will be wishing you a Happy Mother's Day twice in two months. :)

    Keep writing!

    1. Hello James thank-you again for your lovely comments. Religion is one of the biggest problems where freedom us concerned and I am too very grateful that I can also have the freedom to believe what I wish to believe and to practice my religion how I would like too.
      Thank-you for the Mothers Day wishes James, twice in 2 months..I won't complain!