Scavenger Hunt February

The lovely Kathy at Postcards from the P.P gave us another list for Scavenger Hunt for February so here are the snaps I managed to 'scavenge' and I look forward to March's list!

I'll admit to cheating on this one straight off, this is an old photo but I honestly did not find a single thing for music!

This is a quick snap shot I took when we went out to Paradise Park. I thought we'd save some money but putting some food together. Frugal family day out with entry vouchers too!

I went out walking on a visit to see my Mum and came across these lovely crotchet hearts tied to the railings of the local Methodist Church. What a lovely idea for Valentines Day.

My Loo Roll cupid. He tried to fly but fell into my wash bowl!

In The Sky
This is a very old building. It used to be a primary school before it got rebuilt up the road where my daughter now attends the nursery. I just thought it was such a beautiful day and I love this image.

Black and White
My beautiful new niece 

An old building by the railway station. There are lots of old bricked up windows on this old building so I had to narrow it down to five!

Leap Year
What a beautiful day for the last day of the month 

Our usual train we wait for in the morning if we're a little early for school. This is the highlight of Little Miss's day.

A day out in Truro, Cornwall on Saturday is always a busy one.

I'm not surprised the harbor front was empty on the afternoon I had a wonder round- it was blooming freezing!

On the first floor of the Royal Cornwall Museum there is loads of Cornish Heritage- all amazing fascinating.

Cupcake Mumma