Art I Heart

I love art. I studied art in school with a very passionate teacher which is the best kind of teacher there is. Not every teacher is passionate anymore about their chosen field, and I can't say I always blame them these days. But anyway, this was my time and this was my teacher in my art class and I thought he was wicked. Hell we all did!

I love sculptures, photography, I can appreciate paintings and drawings and of course they are art- some wonderful pieces out there as well. I also see certain types of graffiti as art, a controversial statement some may say. I don't believe it is always mindless vandalism.

Anyway, I received a postcard recently which i thought was fab. I joined a post crossing site ( where you send and receive postcards all around the world, it's great and always puts a smile on my face. The postcard below is from a student in America, she got me to a T!

I'm linking this post up with Midlife Singlemum who has just taken the plunge with this new meme. 
Cupcake Mumma


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love this piccie, would look great as a canvas up in my kitchen!!xx

Rachel Selby said...

Thanks for doing this Cupcake Mumma - you're my first link on the linky! Love your cupcake postcard - very lush.

Rebecca English said...

That sounds like a fun project to get postcards from around the world.

Love that they did your blog name!

Hannah said...

Keep plugging away i'm sure it'll take off eventually! xx

Hannah said...

Lol I wish they sold fab pictures in cornwall like they do there! Im a cupcake freak haha xx

Hannah said...

It is brilliant, better than a bill in the post box! x