What do you know, it got better!

I'm linking this post up with Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart. I love this meme Reasons To Be Cheerful it always brings out the best from even the worst week. And I have had a rough week. It would appear I am not alone however and while I'd like everyone to be happier and having good weeks at least I can take some comfort in not being totally alone!
Anyway enough self pity, here are my Reasons To Be Cheerful:

1) Well, the week got better! I had a fair Monday, a crap Tuesday, an awful Wednesday but woke this morning with a bit more oomph to me. I have had a much better day, have a little more positive thinking creeping back again and have had a good Thursday.

2) I posted my cake request today for the wedding. I have totally simplified the cake and feel much better for it. I don't care if i get a piece or not anymore, I just want it to look gorgeous! If I was more confident I'd make it myself, as it is my Aunt has offered to pay to have it made for us which was lovely. Another thing off the list!

3) A close friend has given me 2 pieces of wonderful news in one month and I am so happy for her and her lovely little family. We're actually pen friends but I really hope one day we'll meet! Of course I'm slightly envious of her but in the most friendliest way possible!

4) I've been doing some DIY! I put curtain hooks up, I've put up photos and framed pictures in the children's room and I'm planning to get my hands on a drill this weekend! Well, I may as well Other Half has given up on doing his manly duties so I shall be the man AND woman of this house!

That's it from me, please have a good weekend whatever you do and check out the other entries on this blog hop.
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