The Simple Woman's Day book


Outside my window...The only light is from the street lamps. It's very quiet and chilly but at least the rain and wind has calmed for a while.

I am thinking...How fast 2011 went and with lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2012 it's likely to be the same. I hope to enjoy every moment.

I am thankful...For having a wonderful Christmas that I could finally enjoy. No illness, both my babies happy and healthy, my fiance and family from both sides all around me. For all the Christmas gifts I received and love that was around us :)

In the kitchen...I have been baking Bread and Butter Pudding (which was delicious)

I am wearing...Some comfy trousers and a nice comfy top. Having the heating on to dry the paint and warm the rooms upstairs I'm toasty warm in the lounge!

I am creating...A new bedroom!

I am going...To my wonderful parents house this weekend and I'm looking forward to having some me time if possible! I doubt it, so I'll just settle for enjoying my family.

I am wondering...If Other Half can complete the decorating in one weekend with the PS3 still in the same building..?

I am reading...Lots of fitness and food books to get me in the right frame of mine

I am hoping...That 2012 is 'Our Year' as myself and Other Half have always said.

I am looking forward to...My daughter's 4th birthday, My son's 1st birthday, the birth of  my niece, my wedding and more!

I am learning...That I can do things if I put my mind to it...

Around the house...We are finally making our house a home

I am pondering...The year ahead

A favourite quote for today...'You can do anything if you put your mind to it'

One of my favourite things...Pinterest right now!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Doctors, writing letters to friends, emailing, blogging, baking a little, school trips, making school projects, reading, studying, creating wedding items and general mooching about

A peek into my day...
Gluten & dairy free bread and butter pudding..Tasty



  1. That does look yummy, and I'll bet the house smelled wonderful too! Enjoy all your coming activities. Have a blessed rest of your week.

  2. Thank Arlene and yourself. x

  3. Great post. Might need to hide the PS3 cords or something if you want DH to focus, lol.