I'll Show You Mine!

This week the theme for this new meme is 'Buggies'. After seeing the rather lush, pimped to the max buggy on Medicated Followers of Fashion I feel like I should disown my buggy. I will HAVE to pimp my sons' ride asap!

I like his buggy, it's quick, can be pushed one handed with ease and is comfy. I was, once upon a time, a bit of a buggy addict. I had a large number of buggies when my daughter was growing up and people made lots of jokes about me being the same again. This just wasn't going to happen..Not intentionally anyway.

We got a Loola first, Partners' choice not mine and I loathed it. It was sold and I bought a second hand Silver Cross which was ideal. As my son got heavier it wasn't such a good buggy (ripped off big style, not to mention the seller turned out to be a right piece of work when I asked her where the rain cover she promised to drop off was- Birmingham)

So here it is, final addition to the family. This is a Mamas and Paps Ora pushchair and it's great. Well, I have to tie my shopping bags to it so if anyone knows of buggy hooks which don't totally suck I'd be grateful!
Pretty basic but does the job. I like the colour, purple and green with some lovely polka dots so I intend to keep it just like I have the Silver Cross in the attic as it's ideal for newborns. As you can see he has his hat and coat all ready for any adventures out!


  1. Ahh i love prams!
    We had a Quinny Buzz 3 and now have that plus a Petite Star Zia 3+ which i adore, its black and bright yellow and its fab x

    1. Isn't it so much fun checking them out and then buying a new one..im too sad for words I know. Loving the sound of your Zia bet no one looses you! x