Reasons To Be Cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
It's my first time joining in with RTBC with Mummy From The Heart and her lovely meme. Some times are going to be harder searching for these cheerful reasons i have no doubt but ultimately I hope they come so very easy to me.

1. I have a busy year ahead and this always makes me happy. My Little Miss turns 4 in 2 weeks, my Little Man turns 1 in Feb, Other Halves birthday is also this month (mmmm lots of cake) I get married this August (hurrah!) and maybe even a small family holiday!
2. I have had confirmations already of much loved family members attending my wedding (officially as in all booked!!) this makes me very happy!
3. I am always cheerful (or thankful- either way I'm happy about it) to have my family, my blog and the small community built around it, my home and many, many essentials that we so often take for granted.
4. My niece is due soon and I'm very excited D-Day is so very near. Hurry up! Your poor Mother is not very comfy anymore!

I think that's enough for now, obviously this is one of the easy times to find reasons to be cheerful. Yey for that.
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  1. Lots of lovely family reasons and good to hear. Lovely to find your blog

  2. You are sounding very cheerful! It must be really exciting thinking ahead to all you have in front of you this year. x

  3. Fantastic reasons to be cheerful, 2012 sounds like it will be wonderful for you! x

  4. Its so exciting! Thank you both for commenting :-) x

  5. Ohh lots of fab reasons, well done and how exciting that you are getting married in the summer.

    Mich x