The Life Circle 2012

Yep, The Life Circle has begun again for 2012 and this time I feel a lot more positive and able to complete the tasks ahead. For the first task Kate from The Five F's blog has set us to simply introduce ourselves and asks us what we aim to get out of joining and taking part in Life Circle.

So, my name is Hannah, 20 something stay-at-home-mum to a nearly 4 year old Little Miss and nearly 1 year old Little Man. I have a partner of nearly 5 years and we are getting married this August something which I am looking forward to.
I have always struggled with confidence and self esteem but these are things that have improved and incredible amount, although like everyone else I still have my lower days where I just don't want to talk to anyone and be alone, sometimes not even get out of bed! I hope to feel less like this in 2012.
My partner works nights in a factory so we share the childcare and house duties during the day. I am very lucky that I don't HAVE to work right now but the time will come. That scares the crap out of me to be honest. I'm still fairly shy and tend to hang back in the background of large groups which can effect making new friends.

What do I want to get out of the Life Circle?
Well, I'd like to first off concentrate on my weight loss. I weighed in today at the doctors and I am now back to what I weighed before i had my son. I am by no fat or even overweight but I do need to loose a bit. In order to feel more confident again like I did after I gave birth I also really need to focus on toning up so my jeans are not so tight. I want this to be a healthier year for me and for my family,
Then I would like to start joining groups such as toddler groups with my son, maybe start going to church again and joining there with anything they may have for my children and I to participate in. However, that is something floating around there although you get the idea of what I'd like to achieve.

To join in and look to at the other bloggers participating and introducing themselves why not head on over to Kate's blog by clicking the badge below. It could be just what you need to start the New Year (and You) off to a good start.


  1. Nice to meet you Hannah, llooking forward to sharing the journey with you. (btw - I love your blog design, I haven't seen this one on blogger before).

  2. Hello, first time here. I am just hopping around some new blogs and saying hi to some newer bloggers.

    I hope you manage to find some nice new groups to join.

    Mich x

  3. Thank-you! Im pleased you like my blog design took me ages to find it! Nice to meet you too, can't wait to join in :)

  4. Hi Hannah, looking forward to following your journey.

  5. Hi Jenna thanks! I hope it's a successful one :)

  6. We'll all after losing weight then! I'm spotting a theme here. :-)

  7. Good luck Hannah. I think joining things like toddler groups/church things etc and getting involved are a great way to boost confidence.

    from dbaskls