Dear So and So....

Dear New followers,
3 new followers already in 2012 I am so happy. Each person who joins my blog is so important to me. I enjoy reading the ins and outs of everybodysdays/weeks and I'm grateful that others are as interested in mine. Thank-you
Cupcake Mumma (Hannah)

Dear Little Man,
I get that there is a possibility of more teething. I get it hurts and isn't nice and yes, I would take it away if I could. However, I will not let this put me saying the following;
You scream like a girl.
A 6am that ain't cool.
Nuff said.
Mumma xx

Dear White Van Man,
Ta muchly  for driving into the massive puddle while was minding my own business heading to town to run my errands. I had to go doctors, shops and post office looking like a drowned rat...
Please don't be so ignorant in future.
One nice, warm, dry not damp smelling lady  (who may I add didn't shout/swear/give the finger!)

Dear PS3
I think i am in love.
Your new admirer,
Mummy Brooker

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Cheers! And have a good weekend fellow bloggers!



  1. Oh I got splattered with muddy rain water a couple of weeks ago by a car,it is *not* amusing :-/
    Hope Alfie doesn't feel too bad with teething,teeth are a nuisance aren't they xxxxx

  2. They really are a pain! He completely changes when he teeths I miss my happy lad. Powder teething packs work best but they're not being sold locally at the moment which isnt great!
    I'd be even more annoyed with muddy water!! xxx

  3. Oh it was bad Hannah!And I did that thing where you pretend it hasn't happened and just carry on walking as though it's ok,when inside you are feeling daft & soaking wet! Grr! X

  4. Oh I can totally sympathise. That feeling is awful! You know everyone is looking at you but you have to pretend that you're dry as a whistle and nothing has make you seething inside ha! xx