Bye Bye Mum Tum *Waves*

It's 2012 and there is one big thing happening this year that I have to look wonderful for.
My Big Day.

The other thing about it being 2012 is that I'm sat here feeling heavier (that's because I am) and pretty fat in all honesty, yes I'm feeling more fat this year than last year. And last year i was pregnant! After I had my son I kind of pinged back and felt amazing.....Then I started eating junk...again.

Yep, the Junk Monster has returned. So has the Lazyitus (serious condition you know). But anyway, I am fed up of feeling horrible and sluggish and not feeling confident like i did in early 2011. After a recent nurse appointment I was weighed...I wasn't happy. I am not overweight but I am not how I should be for ME. 

I thought I'd do something about it.So here I am joining Liska at New Mum Online for MUMenTum- Mums loosing their Tums in 2012!

I want my jeans to feel looser, I would LOVE to go clothes shopping again and not just assume everything would look awful on me and so leave the shop immediately and then feel crap about myself (thus leading to more junk gorging.) I want to feel healthier. I feel so slow and sluggish it's unreal and I am so tired. My body is clearly telling me to get my life sorted and it's about time i listened to it. I only have one right!

So they're my goals, I am going to measure myself, I am going to sort out an exercise regime (at home nice and simple and probably not a dvd workout as I always feel pretty useless at them) and watch the inches fall off! I would like to see this Mummy Tummy less wobbly (it is honeslty capable), my thighs need to rein themselves in a bit before summer so I can wear those nice denim jeans that look nice with my wedges (but my fat arse won't go them just yet Oh Nooo) The waist could do with nipping in but I feel fairly positive about my body plans especially with the support of the blogging community! 
Here goes!


  1. I had that same experience of l osing all the weight and more for about 6 months after the birth and then it all piled back on again - and more. Good luck to both of us!

  2. Oh I can so so relate.
    I was 88kg before I got pregnant and by August 2010 after a June birth I was back in my size 16 jeans and back to 88kg. I felt great. Roll on December and I'd started mince pies. At my work xmas party (10th December 2010) everyone said I looked really slim. Then before Xmas I already looked larger when my Mum came from Ireland for Xmas. Then January Aaron started breastfeeding less due to weaning, and at some point I became 95kg. A whole 7 kg heavier.....
    The whole time I was doing #Mumentum last year I stayed at that weight even though lots of the Mumentum followers were doing REALLY REALLY well.

    But 2012 is different - thanks to a stressful December at work I entered the New Year 4 kg lighter and I am now in size 16 jeans (instead of 18) and they are slim fitting ones (Red Herring).... and the last few weeks I have kept it off.

    And it has shifted something in me. I am walking taller and some of the old me has come back and even my husband has noticed.

    So I relate to you putting on the weight 6 months after having baby (happened to me) and even photos on my blog show it.

    And I also relate to the power of slimmer jeans - nothing tastes as good as slim feels.

    Liska xxx
    (thanks for joining us)

  3. Well done on taking the first step. Looking forward to hearing about you going shopping for those new slimmer clothes. Mich x

  4. Hope you are having a good week and that your exercise plan is coming together.I was always 'curvy' but I lost weight during pregnancy and the first few months but when he hit 9 months I stopped BF and piled it back on. Just take it one day at a time and aim to be sticking to your own plan as often as you can and you will get there! xx