52 Weeks To An Organised Home

Week 2
I didn't participate in Week 1 of this challenge to organise my home because I kind of had the whole organisation of my kitchen counter tops and sinks pretty much in the bag.

 The award for the most forgotten about cupboard goes to 'The one under the sink'.
This needs a good sort. The one next to it needs a coffee maker re homed (or returning depending on previous owners preferences) then the one I really don't want to do would be the cupboard 'of crap' also known as the 'chuck it in there dear and I'll sort it out later' cupboard...

I have too many cups to count and need to replenish my glasses as one by one they met a very nasty end during 2011. I am now left with a of set 4 down to 2 and another set down to 3...

The second draw in my kitchen is full of rubbish, if it doesn't have a home then it's shoved in to the darkness of this draw and won't see daylight until I get fed up of items falling down the back of it *bad housewife*.

The 'draw' i struggle with the most is my saucepan one. I use the word draw loosely as the previous tenants seemed to have taken 'chuck it all in the van and go' a little too literally as I don't have a draw more a massive gap where my saucepans sit and get pulled out by my adorable Little Man. Who can blame him? It is fun banging a pan.
So, if anyone has any ideas about making a massive gap look a bit nicer I would be greatly appreciative! I'm hoping I can relocate my pans but I'm not confident! Still, I will try and blog my results by the end of the week. Watch this space!
Till then- Good luck!
52 Week Organized Home Challenge


  1. Cupcake, I am so so so very very excited !!!!!
    Woo Hoo, I'm including a link to your post in my blog. Can't wait for you to post pics. You are my new hero :D

  2. Hey Reecea! I'm pretty excited too how are you getting on? I hope we can both be blogging end of 2012 in tidy, organised homes!!
    Hannah :-)