November Scavenger Hunt

Apologies for the lateness in posting but better late than never! I was super shattered yesterday and couldn't do anything but chill in front of my telly, sometimes even blogging goes out the window!

Thanks again to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P for another Scavenger Hunt, I only joined in October I think which is a shame but I only popped my blogging cherry in September so I have missed most of the year but enjoyed looking at other people's wonderful take on the photos.
Here's the list for November:
a lucky charm
a poppy
a self-portrait
comfort food
polka dots
something purple
something that lights up
something you have made

A lucky charm:

This is my Nephew. Whenever he comes over now he is very keen to use my camera, I trust him so I let him go about taking pictures of anything that takes his fancy, I found this one tonight after his most recent camera adventures. He's my 'lucky charm' this boy simply because when Little Man cries, in comes Nephew to talk, sing, or to gently explain that his Mummy isn't going far. Little Man was screaming tonight when I left to get his food, Nephew sat and played the keyboard to him it was then I said 'O, you're my Lucky Charm..' Now I have one!

A Poppy

Taken at Truro Cathedral

A Self Portrait

It's not often you catch a good picture of me, but this was done with no mirrors, no hiding and no one else to bother with my moaning (sighs) 

Comfort Food

I did take a rather tasty picture of a roast dinner but it seems to have been deleted...So I opted for my partners plate of yummy comfort food dessert selection instead: Apple Pie, Cake and a rather yummy Tart.

This a memorial that stands in Truro city with the names of all those lost in war on a plaque. I love the statue, it's a shame I couldn't get a better photo of it but its sort of in the middle of a road!

Polka Dots

Mugs I found in the market place. I used Little Miss as a decoy so I could snap this just in case the stall owner thought I was up to something...No I just like the mugs, if I had the money I would have bought one!


The closest I came to a silhouette were these trees at the train station  in front of a bright shining sun!

Something Purple

My daughters school bag.

Something That Lights Up

I put my tree up on the 30th December this year and I'm so pleased i did, look how pretty it is! I laid some presents under it last night so now it's complete.

Something You Have Made

I had to make this ugly fireplace look nice for Christmas. I thought it was impossible...A few nice teddies later, some snow spray a star cookie cutter and my homemade centre piece completed with plenty of tinsel I am now happy with my new fireplace!


The stairs at my house, be prepared to be decorated tonight!


Lit in memory of people close to our hearts at Truro Cathedral earlier in the month. The warmth of their hearts, of their souls never truly left behind.

Hannah x