All I want for Christmas..?

What I really, really want for Christmas this year is to have a better one that last year! Already I have all but one Christmas present left to buy, my Park vouchers came in so incredibly handy and I have a 10 pound one left just for dear old me! I'm going to be smart about my food shop which is not usual for me and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with weekly meal plans.

Last year was bloody awful. I was pregnant with Little Man and although I look blooming marvellous (so I am told) during pregnancy with my healthy skin and small rounded bump inside I am sick as a dog. I get cold after cold which is pretty normal for me except they are always 10 times worse than usual, I get ear infections (woke up on Christmas day last year with this problem, not fun!!) I could hardly walk but will spare the details and couldn't sleep due to painfully tossing and turning every night to get comfy, something every woman can sympathise with.

This year my eggo is not preggo so that is something. I have still been getting cold after cold but I can deal with them and if I am to be struck down again at least this year i will be able to see through cooking a Christmas dinner, having my smoked salmon and poached egg breakfast and opening presents with more enthusiasm. Hopefully neither of my little monsters will be poorly either, Little Man hasn't had it easy so far and Little Miss was laid up on the sofa all grumpy, we didn't get to bake Santa anything, or throw out our reindeer food *sad times*

So yes, I would love to have full health for everyone and a nice big, fat roast dinner. I can't wait to see the family, we always visit at different times exchange gifts, have a laugh, spend some nice time with the children who run around like lunatics as you do as that age (okay still do...)

I wouldn't mind some of those nice black slippers I saw though in my local Whirlwind sports though...Who am I kidding, Other Half doesn't read this...I'll just go write him a note (or 4) to place around the house.

*This is blog prompt from Britmums-Christmas Wishes


  1. if you wish full health for everyone I will get a nice quiet shift at work on Christmas day!!

  2. In that case FULL HEALTH FOR ALL! haha x

  3. Yes, here's to very good health for all! x