The Gallery

'Your Kitchen.' That's the prompt for this weeks The Gallery. I snapped this one quickly while I was baking last night (my cake was a disaster, not that you asked). My kitchen is sometimes baked in but since becoming a Mum I find cooking a real chore, I hope I find love for it again soon.

As you can see I love pink, I love cupcakes, I love anything quirky I find in my favourite shops (charity shops, not that you needed to know) It's a shame this house comes with a kitchen stuck in a time warp but it could be worse! I think I'll paint the walls pink one night, see if the Other Half likes that when he comes home next week at midnight *insert big grin*

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  1. I am desperate to paint my living room, well one wall, shocking pink but I think Hubby would KILL me. Your kitchen is very colourful and I love all the little nick-nacks!

  2. You'll find the love back. Invite you little ones in the kitchen (the pink one! haha) and cook together.Works a dream...