NO Child Born To Starve

What a good life we all lead. I can go to my local store when my cupboard is a little bare and stock up on the essentials we need, even if it's just to see us through to the end of week shop.
But not everyone is that lucky. In many countries a mother can be as far as 20km away from the nearest medical centre or food store that can provide help for her extremely hungry and unwell children.

I've read a couple of blogs recently namely Rosie Scribble and The Syders are the most recent that spring to mind about UNICEF and the hard work they do to help families and communities in the poorest countries, the furthest out places to get food, emergency aid, nets to protect from mosquito's, help to deliver babies and vaccinations plus so, so much more much like many other charities out there that also do this work.

With this in mind, and it being very near Christmas I checked out UNICEF's  online shop where there are a variety of gifts you can buy for loved ones and friends with the money being donated to this good cause.

For example, you could purchase a pack of greetings cards for the season of goodwill and this would buy 5 children porridge with added nutrients and vitamins to help with, and prevent, malnutrition or provide 7,000 pencils to help children write and draw.
2 packs of cards could help protect 5 children from Measles, a disease which still kills 400,000 children world wide by giving them a much needed vaccination. Something which in this country is a routine part of our medical health from birth.

There are many other gifts on this site including Inspired Gifts. These range from helping to deliver a baby (a kit providing the essentials needed to being a child into this world with no complications) this costs £23.50 You can provide a malnourished child a months supply of peanut paste which is packed with essential protein to help them recover. This is also £23.50.

The gift I have chosen to give is this: Magic Milk It was really hard choosing something as everything is so badly needed but I felt more drawn to this, perhaps being that i am a mother to a 10 month old who has a plentiful supply of milk, why shouldn't every child? 

Therapeutic milk is a milk-based powder for treatment of severe child malnutrition. It's used in emergency feeding centres, refugee camps and hospitals in regions where food security is affected by famine, drought and crop failure. This milk formula includes added vegetable fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and makes the chance of a child's survival a lot higher so I felt good for giving this gift. This cost me just 12.99. If I could give more I would, but UNICEF is not going anywhere and I think I'd also like to make this a Christmas tradition where my family give someone, somewhere a chance of life every year.

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