I Must, I Must, I must improve my Bust!:Reinventing myself

Not just myself, but my life, my relationship and how I do and go about things. I've noticed a real 'stuck in a rut' feeling these last few weeks and finally it's gotten to the point where I'm almost banging my head on the brick walls of my house. I get so sick and tired of these repeated moods but I know I'm not alone, especially in these times.
It's also some what genetic and in the past week I've 'spoken' (facebooked) several members of my family who have been very nice and understanding.
Anyway, on to the 'reinvention of me' malarkey. I've been thinking, if I start this in the New Year then it's bound to become the usual New Years resolution, you know the one you make with all good intentions which gets broken within a week (if you're lucky) and makes you simply shrug your shoulders, possibly feel a bit gutted for a few minutes then move on with your life in the same pattern you wanted to change.
I want to loose a bit of weight, well more inches I think and then hopefully my size 12's will be more comfortable. It's such a bugger being different sizes in different stores. I could fit perfectly well in a 12 in one place and struggle to breath in another! Honestly I don't know!
I want to make more of an effort with myself. I need to be kinder to myself and I think a once weekly pamper week would be lovely. I don't mean abandoning Other Half with the children for hours on end, just perhaps a day where I spend half an hour to an hour starting to feel remotely woman again..? You know, tweeze the eyebrows, shave the legs, moisturise, and look after myself.
Then there's my diet...Oh dear. The amount of take outs I ate last week was pretty abysmal. I just have not been arsed to eat properly. I hate cooking and sometimes after I've done the kids tea I'd much rather sit there on the sofa and not bother having dinner. Most of the time I'll eat the same dinner 3 or 4 days in a row because I become some what obsessed with it. Having a rather restricted diet contributes to my new hate as I can't make anything as yummy and delicious as I once could add to that the extortionate price of Free From food and life is pretty boring food wise!
I don't think it's that I eat a tonne of junk, after all I can't afford it. What I do is get unimaginative with my food, get bored of the routine and prefer to put my children first. Although it's also very difficult to cook for a toddler who won't eat anything but pasta, fish fingers and a few vegetables not to mention the fruit and veg hating carnivore that is the Other Half.
Then there's exercise. I recently found myself a handy little gadget much like a rowing machine I suppose you'd say just very, very not like a rowing machine but a pink elastic thing which will help to tighten those old ab muscles! As for the rest, a tin of beans or a coke bottle (or the baby) throw in 'the plank' with a the nursery run and I should be alright! Other Half made me do 70 sit ups the other day, 2 days later I'm still hurting!
The life and relationship aspect requires a bit more thinking. Things are going well but the need to focus on us is something that is forever going to need to come back to and I think it's something many would agree with.

So off I go to fight my chip shop craving..This sucks already haha!

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