Dear So and So....

Dear Readers,
Thanks to those who have recently joined to pour over my bloggy offerings. I am so pleased I decided to start blogging and cannot wait to carry on in 2012, thanks for reading!


Dear Children,
Thanks for being such little darlings this week, we've gotten on just fab. There has been no tantrums and not too much ignorance on either part-good stuff! 

Always grateful, Mum xx

Dear Alfie,
No I don't blame you for screaming and being grumpy this week, Daddy discovered your top teeth may possibly be making their long awaited appearance, good job we accidental bought 2 bottles of calpol each recently!
Lots of hugs Mummy

Dear Self,
May i take this moment to apologise for my horrific diet this past week. I have had too many take outs but I promise tonight is my last..well until next Friday anyway
Love Me x

Dear Fiance to be,
I think I left 'Chocolate' off of my Christmas List? Times A LOT. Please add before you go and shop.
Ta muchly The Mrs

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